chicago makes history elects first black female lesbian mayor

heres the story :MSN

I wonder what the pisans in the wards are thinking tonight …….
going to be interesting to watch ……

Not a Chicagoan, just a close neighbor, but the only positive feature Preckwinkle had going for her was that she wasn’t John Stroger, Jr. so I’m pleasantly surprised it’s Lori Lightfoot. At which thought I immediately hope I won’t regret that down the line.

Lightfoot is going to get a lot of pushback from the entrenched machine. I wish her well and hope she survives it.

well in the mayor election thread they s aid she won 100 percent of the wards handily won so she has a mandate

If the Pisans are thinking anything, it would be hoping that the Leaning Tower doesn’t fall over anytime soon.

…but the Leaning Tower is in the suburbs anyway.

You can get more information in my mayoral election thread. Lightfoot brought together a coalition of Rahm voters like myself as well as more left wing voters, all of united against Preckwinkle.

Yeah, it was interesting for me seeing the most conservative wards (41st, 19th) be the wards that went most heavily for Lightfoot (88%, 84%, respectively). I’m in Burke’s ward, which is a mix of moderate and old-school labor/machine democrats, and we went 82% for Lori; the more conservative 23rd went 84% for Lori. I knew the majority of people I talked to really disliked Toni, but I thought I was just getting a biased sampling, given where I live. Now, it may have been slightly biased, but it seems most of Chicago dislikes her nearly as much as my more conservative neighbors. One of my 84-year-old neighbors was having a bitch of a time deciding what to do, as he didn’t want to vote for the woman with the lifestyle he thinks is wrong, but couldn’t bring himself to vote for Toni. (I suspect he ended up voting for Lori in the end instead of not voting, as he viewed his civic duty as near-sacred.)

Chicagoans just didn’t want to have to say “Mayor Preckwinkle” for the next four years.

YOU try saying it without giggling.

I think he meant “paisano”.

I’m not sure I envy her for her remarkable first. IANAChicagoan, but it seems like outsider politicians and reformers in the Windy City either cooperate with the machine and get sucked into the engine, or fight it from the outside and lose. Maybe she’s different, but maybe not.


Has Chicago previously elected any lesbian mayors who weren’t female?

I don’t believe any of them were even Greek.


Although one might think that elect a male lesbian mayor would be even more historic, I have known several people who claimed to be a lesbian trapped in a man’s body. Most of them were joking.

Preckwinkle would have lost to Porky Pig. Ever since that Cook County soda tax debacle with her name all over it, she is reviled in every ward. She barely got more votes in the two-person runoff than she got in the primary. Just the machine loyalists.

Good luck to Lori, but I doubt she’ll make much of a difference in the long run. As a former alderman of mine once famously said, “Chicago ain’t ready for reform.”