Lori Lightfoot (Chicago mayor) goes off on Twitter

Lori Lightfoot woke up in a bad mood today apparently. https://twitter.com/lorilightfoot/status/1383805879200354312?s=21

There’s been a bunch of rumors about Lori having an affair and then domestic violence between Lori and her wife. Now, that’s just rumors although there’s an awful lot of smoke there. But this series of tweets shows that the mayor has gone stark raving mad. She’s remarkably thin skinned, and is rightly criticised for the enormous police protection she has had around her home for almost a year.

This isn’t going to end well and I predict she will resign.

Here’s another media report covering it https://wgntv.com/news/chicago-news/lightfoot-addresses-resignation-rumors-sunday-morning-on-twitter-will-serve-today-tomorrow-and-into-the-future/?fbclid=IwAR1D2jwdt5CQE5bRfHnY-x223LnS_Grk6Ww7YAcIhrVrD5LH7jOzE1WeCWE

Those tweets are hardly stark raving mad. The accusations were pretty vile.

Same reaction here. If there is something to put this in context, it would be appreciated.

My opinion is you simply ignore rumours about affairs and don’t go off on a Sunday morning rant about it.

She’s been a disaster as mayor.

I’d rather she address all her giveaways to the Chicago Teachers Union, what she’s doing to prevent more riots and how’s she’s finally going to speed up Covid vaccinations. All of those topics are more deserving.

She can have all the affairs she wants to, I don’t care.

If that series of tweets is your example of “stark raving mad”, then I’m afraid I will have take your above statement with a grain of salt.

Whether she’s been a good or poor mayor doesn’t make those tweets stark raving mad. Whether it was prudent to reply or not reply still doesn’t make those tweets stark raving mad.

Attacking those tweets because you don’t like her governing policy seems like a back door way to discuss her leadership.

Not that you are saying she has had a bunch of affairs, right? :roll_eyes:

“Now, some people are saying my esteemed opponent is a puppy-raper, but I refuse to comment on whether that may or may not be true. I am taking the high road!”

Yeah, I’m not quite seeing the big deal here, but I like Lori fine.

Nothing in those tweets struck me as anything more than a rebuke of spreading rumors. What was the crazy part?

I wonder if the OP has ever read a tweet from Little Donnie Loser and applied the terms “stark raving mad” and “remarkably thin skinned” to it and its author.

Lightfoot’s tweets seemed to me exactly the way a public official should respond to rumors, the anti-Trump.

A better story with context is available here:

Disagreeing with your fully uninformed opinion about how to handle PR is not the same as “stark raving mad.”

I’d prefer that she did not. Has she? That ain’t cool.

I don’t care either way. Why should we, and why is it preferable? It’s none of our business, plus we have no idea what the inner workings of her relationship is. For all we know, they’re non-monogamous. It’s none of our damned business. (It may be newsworthy if it pointed out some sort of hypocrisy, I suppose, but otherwise, there’s no reason for me to care.)

Well then I guess it wouldn’t be cheating. I don’t know what her situation is, but it’s my personal belief that cheating is for cheaters, and it’s not cool.

Oh, I don’t think it’s cool, either. I just don’t think it’s relevant unless I’m in a relationship with her.

Yes I have. I’ve said it numerous times.


Because your post is the very first I’ve heard of any such rumor, despite living next door to Chicago and getting more Chicago news than my own local news.

Twitter is a cancerous growth up the anus of society, and I will never, ever, EVER use it. After years and years of it, I have yet to see anything good come from it.

Yeah, I live in Chicago itself and this was the first I heard of it, too.