Chicago Marathon runners = morons.

I saw this on the news over the weekend and I couldn’t believe it. They had to stop a marathon early because apparently the morons who compete in these things don’t have the innate intelligence or self-preservation instinct not to try to run 26 miles in stifling heat. One fucking retard even dropped dead. What the hell is wrong with these people. There’s no good reason to run 26 miles even if the heat index isn’t over a million. Why in God’s name are these idiots out there trying to do it in a sauna.

What bugs me the most is this:

Look at the amount of resources and emergency personel which had to be wasted on these clowns. If these mental defectives want to remove themselves from the gene pool, I’m all for it, but why should so much public money and so many resources be spent on trying to save them from conditions which they brought completely on themselves by their own stupidity?

Why did race officials even start this stupid, masochistic exercise? What purpose does it serve? They might as well have a contest to see who can get hit by the most cars or drink the most butter. Why do we reward and praise such an unhealthy, unnatural, self-abusive and pointless activity? I have more respect for that Japanese guy that eats hot dogs than I do for marathon runners. At least the hot dog eating contests are entertaining.

Anyway, I think from now on, people who keel over during marathons should just be left in the street to rot. It’s their own fault they’re in that position. I don’t see why the public should be required to spend a dime on them.

I think it’s great. The organizers are obviously offering a lesson in ancient Greek History. Although when Pheidippides yelled “Nike” just before he started pushing up daisies, I doubt he was trying to fulfill an athletic equipment endorsement contract.

One of the things I thought was really unbelieveable about this is that there are claims that there wasn’t enough water. Well, I wasn’t there, so I don’t know if those claims are legitimate or not. But I do know one thing…if I was running in 90 degree heat, and I was feeling like I needed water really badly, and there wasn’t any to be had, I would STOP RUNNNG.

Have the first lawsuits against the race coordinators and city of Chicago surfaced yet :wink:

I said to my husband this morning that I was expecting the first lawsuit against LaSalle Bank (the main sponsor) to be filed by this afternoon. Haven’t heard anything yet.

They’ll probably try to sue the sun as well.

Well, clearly, Diogenes, the sun IS guilty of reckless endangerment.

The claims WERE legitimate. A friend of mine ran this as his first marathon attempt and he did arrive at water stations to find there was no water.

These are people who spend the better part of six months (or more) training for an event that takes place on one day. A day that happened to be hotter than fucking hell, unfortunately for them. These are people that are focused on a goal. That’s why they have the crazy audacity to try and push themselves to the finish.

OK, so they were. Did you want me to make a definitive statement about something that I have no knowledge about whatsoever?

Is it worth dropping dead for?

I can’t speak for the runners in the Chicago Marathon, but I know that many runners train during the summer months when the heat and humidity are at an all-time high for races in the October-November timeframe. I think the runners were psyched to run regardless of the heat condition because of their months of physical and mental conditioning, and justified it by saying that the conditions on race day weren’t much different from their training conditions. Surely the race organizers would supply adequate amounts of water and Gatorade.

Still, one of the day-1 running lessons is ‘listen to your body’. If your heart and head are telling you to stop because it’s just too damn humid, then you stop despite your gut telling you “it’s just a few more miles, tough it out!” I think many of those folks just exhibited poor judgment in continuing to run.

I ran the Chicago marathon a few years ago and they ran out of water then, too, and energy bars.

And I am damn proud to be a marathoner (I’ve done three). It’s taken me months to get well enough in shape for every single one, and it was worth every drop of sweat it took to get me there. Maybe it was self-obsession that drove me, but I see nothing wrong with pushing one’s limits. If I had the time, I’d do it again.

And the Chicago marathon is like a weekend-long party. When I ran, there were 40,000 runners and even more spectators. It was absolutely fabulous.

Clearly you wanted to, otherwise you wouldn’t have said anything about it at all.

Diogenes, one person died - tragically - out of FORTY FIVE THOUSAND that registered to run. I’m sure you can find something with worse odds to bitch about, can’t you?

While these ambulances were covering the marathon… what about the grandfather who has a heart attack at his suburban home? Who is covering the areas these ambulances normally serve?

And what about the total idiots who KEPT RUNNING after the race was stopped?

It’s a stupid goal.

My point was not about the veracity of the claims, it was that it is foolish to keep running if you don’t have access to water, get sick from it, and then complain about the lack of water later.

This was the 30th annual Chicago marathon. I presume that previous events were held at the same time of year. So this day was picked because weather conditions should have been favorable. The race started when it was 70, fine weather, but it climbed into the 80’s.

As to the not enough water/cups, well, why? Were they not as prepared as previous years?

I’m pretty sure it aint free to run in the marathon. Those entry fees go to cover the cost of hiring EMS workers on site. Plus these people come from ‘all over’ and sleep in hotels, eat in restaurants and PAY TAXES to Chicago in doing so. So your bitch about their onerous use of emergency services is pretty fucking lame. And you’re not even from Chicago, so what the fuck are you bitching about?

I saw film on the news of people running right past police cars in which the officers were using bullhorns to tell them to stop running for their own safety.

Does any of this make these people’s decsions to keep running themselves into the ground (in one case literally to death) for basically no reason any less stupid?

Well, yes, but most people stopped running before they got dangerously dehydrated. I think they’re allowed to complain.

Never said they weren’t.