Chicago mini 'say hi to jjimm' dopefest in July?

Hi everyone,

I’ll be arriving in Chicago on business on Saturday, July 12th, and at a loose end.

Anyone want to meet up for a beer or some of that famous pizza pie?

Also, got any hotel recommendations? My budget’s not that good.

But jjimm, surely you’ll be entertaining possible clients? :slight_smile:

I’d be up for that!

Where do you need to be for work? That will inform the hotel choice.

Howdy! And yes, quite possibly. Things have been nutty lately, so if someone could whack me over the head with an e-mail or PM closer to the time, that would be appreciated.

I need to be in Champaign, IL - will be driving down on Sunday night. So the Chicago hotel can be wherever.

Nooooooooooo! My doper crush is coming to my town and I’m going to be on my way to New York that day! sigh Guess it just wasn’t meant to be…


Bumpety bumpety bump.

I am confirmed to arrive at ORD on the afternoon of July 12, and will be staying in the Essex Inn Hotel. I have no major time constraints the next day either, other than getting to Champaign in time for bed.

I will also be back in the city on the evening of Friday July 18, flying back to London on July 19.

If anyone is up for meeting, please PM or email me!

Also, what’s the weather like at the moment? Hot hot hot?

It has been a pretty cool spring/summer so far, but 90 and sticky predicted today (I think that’s about 137.2 C!)
Should be pretty hot throughout the week - with storms predicted off and on. Might need a light jacket at night - something waterproof would be a bonus. But nothing more.

There is some great music, cheap and/or free, over the next couple of weeks - check out the Folk and Roots Fest and Summerdance.

My schedule is somewhat up in the air, as I have just been volunteered to host one of the performers, but in principle I’m in.

If you like Balkan music, Boban Markovic at Summerdance on the 18th is NOT to be missed! Some of my friends are pretty heavily involved in the Balkan music scene, so I kind of have to support them in that (not that it’s a huge burden), but I’d like to meet up if the schedule can be worked out.

No need to pack a kettle, jjimm.

Good Lord. How are you still typing? Your fingers haven’t melted yet? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll be there in spirit; unfortunately the distance between Seoul and Chicago will make joining you guys a bit difficult.