Chicago Sun Times to be acquired by WBEZ, Chicago's NPR radio station

I was very interested to learn that Sun Times Media, the company that owns The Straight Dope Message Board, is set to be acquired by Chicago Public Media, the parent company of WBEZ, the NPR affiliate here. Here are the announcements from each:

It isn’t a done-deal but must be pretty far along for it to be made public. I think it’s great news and it could really a boon for journalism in the region. It will be interesting to see what happens. I don’t read papers much anymore but I get the majority of my news from WBEZ.

Can Ira Glass be the new admin?

BEZ kicks ass. Wait til they find out none of us are paying anymore, though. That ain’t gonna fly!
I welcome our new WBEZ Overlords!

Oh, boy! Threads broken up by subscription drives!


Maybe this is why Ed’s idea for people to pay him to help write articles got shelved.

Oooh, SDMB-branded tote bags with your contribution!

SDMB audiobooks, with Moderator commentaries.

No mention of the crown jewel in the Sun Times portfolio in either article. That’s weird.

Will we be forced to create a forum called “Wait! Wait! Don’t Tell Me!”?

So how does the Sun Times compare with the Tribune nowadays? Back when I paid attention to newspapers the Tribune was the heavyweight, serious newspaper while the Sun-Times was the lightweight. But the Tribune was recently taken over by a hedge fund that specializes in gutting the news department.

As a long-time Tribune reader, I understand some, but disapprove overall. They offered buyouts to all of their opinion contributors, and most took them. More than that, however, it does seem like the news coverage has become more sensationalized. Also, I don’t know that they’re using AP / UPI more, but it seems that way - there is less “Tribune Exclusive” content. I’m actually considering changing to the Sun Times, but I like the Trib’s comics section better. :wink:

I love NPR, this is pretty cool. :+1:

Yeah, but as Czarcasm said, we will have threads interrupted for fund drives.

Well the fund drives might be better than the advertising malware that regularly appears here every year or so.

Good point. I’ve never heard an add on NPR about how to cure toe nail fungus.

I was gonna post exactly this.

But I recon, any new SDAB articles are going to be in the form of three explanations, where you have to pick the right one.

And every post must end excitedly with . . . “This is NPR the Straight Dope!”

As a former proud owner of one of the early “SDMB” t-shirts, I’d donate about fiddy dollahs to that cause if I got a canvas bag with the original logo on each side. Or perhaps, the logo at the top near the handles one each side and below that an early Slug Signorino drawing of our beloved Master…

Just saying.

Perhaps it’s slipped your mind, then. It was couched as an opinion piece and presented by Annika Mycosis from their Boston affiliate.


I’m all for that.

It would be a tote bag with, “Thanks, schmuck! -Cecil Adams.”