Chicago Tribune endorses Obama (first time they ever endorsed a democrat)

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So, a right leaning noteworthy newspaper has thrown in for Obama. I am curious if anyone here who is undecided or intending to vote for McCain find their argument persuasive? Or if not this alone then this and other recent conservative pundits (Buckley, Parker, Will, etc.) who have taken issue with McCain and spoken favorably (for a conservative anyway) of Obama.

Personally I find their arguments persuasive but then I am not a McCain fan and voting for Obama so that is probably no surprise.

I don’t think the Tribune is really a conservative paper, maybe just barely right of center. They did have this weird tradition of always endorsing the GOP Presidential candidate, although sometimes endorsing Democrats for other offices. But the paper was recently sold to a new magnate, Sam Zell, who maybe was less attached to tradition than to selling papers in a 90% Democratic town. I am very happy about this, not so much because I think it will significantly help Obama as because now maybe my wife will stop giving me guilt for reading the Trib.

And who knows…maybe next year they will break with their tradition of not winning the World Series! (Tribune owns the Cubs, although they are trying to sell them currently)

I agree…I do not mean to imply the Trib is totally in the bag for the Republicans. Certainly, as you put it, right of center though…maybe a touch more. On the whole I think the Trib generally adheres to journalistic standards and has integrity.

What do you mean “significantly”. Doesn’t Obama have Illinois all wrapped up?

Of course, compared to the Sun-Times, that’s the very definition of “damned with faint praise” :stuck_out_tongue:

Obama would be the first POTUS ever from Chicago. Who else is the Tribune going to endorse?!

That may have entered into it, but I don’t think so. I think if the 2000 Johnny Mac was running, he would have gotten the nod.

I will say it’s one of the better written endorsement columns I’ve seen.

Never read the Tribune, eh, BG?

LA Times has also endorsed Obama, ending decades of not endorsing any Presidential candidate. Interestingly they cited his temperment and intellect as the most important things.

Does anyone know how Editorial Boards at papers operate? I do not know and ask whether a cynical view (eg Zell wants to sell more papers so says endorse Obama) or a considered view is at work here.

I was under the impression that the Editorial side of a paper such as the Trib had some self-determination that extended beyond immediate worries over advertisers or subscriptions. Indeed to have a good editorial section one would think that independence is a necessary prerequisite. But I honestly don’t know so if anyone cares to enlighten me that’d be great.

NNDB says he’s a Republican, but look at his list: Bill Bradley for President, Bush-Cheney '04, Friends of Joe Lieberman , John McCain 2008, Obama for America. He seems to be all over the road.

Looks more like someone who cares about his bottom line more than his ideologies (whatever those may be). Zell certainly seems like a guy who will do whatever earns him a buck. Certainly he shocked Chicagoans by saying he wants to sell the Wrigley Field (where the Cubs play) name. Zero respect for tradition, 100% respect for his personal wealth.

The Trib has been around for 161 years and they have never, ever endorsed a Democrat for president before. So yes, they endorsed Goldwater over LBJ and Herbert Hoover and Alf Landon over FDR. I had a sneaking suspicion they might actually go for Obama this year (I am a subscriber), but I was still shocked when I saw the headline earlier today.

“Unlike Sept. 11, the economic threat hasn’t forged a common bond in this nation. It has fed anger, fear and mistrust.” Nice slight at John McCain. (Remember the opening remarks of the final debate?)

“McCain put his campaign before his country.” Remember “Country First”?
The editorial board obviously had fun with this endorsement.

Yeah, like in 1952 and 1956 when they endorsed former Illinois govenor Adlai Stevenson against Eisenhower…uh, wait a minute

I think that while it is not as important as **BrainGlutton **is making it to be, the Chicago Tribune must have taken into consideration that Obama is from Chicago.

But I also think that the kind of supporters attracted mostly at Palin’s rallies, McCain’s now established pattern of not vetting his campaign choices properly (editors must realize now that McCain is likely to choose his future cabinet in the same way), and Palin herself was too much for some conservative papers.

Interesting endorsement from the Tribune, however I think it is more amazing that another Tribune, that is The Salt Lake Tribune, endorsed Obama today also!

thems strong words there. true ones too. more:

Someone’s got a fetish for commas.

Is the Salt Lake Tribune traditionally conservative leaning?

I know the Zell family (went to high school and Sunday school with his kids, and was friends with his son for years; met Sam at his son’s wedding). I don’t really know what his actual political leanings are, but Sam Zell is a pragmatist - I don’t know that he would have told the editorial board who to endorse (and I’d hope they’d have some journalistic standards), but trust me, he does whatever he believes is best for him personally. The freaking toast he gave at his son’s wedding was all about himself.

let me ask you something: have you ever been to Utah?