Chicago Tribune thinks it's April 1: Boy is reincarnation of KIA WWII pilot

Reminds me pretty strongly of this episode, but with creepier parents in this case.

ETA: Looks like it’s not an original Tribune story, but whatever.

Positive proof like this doesn’t come along every day. Sometimes we need to see things like this that cause us to question our everyday lives. Only then can we look at ourselves in the mirror and say ‘Stupidity is all around us; beware!’

I particularly liked the passage where the reincarnation ‘expert’ and author

In other words, don’t question it; just accept it and you’ll be fine.

My favorite malapropism in the article is “Lady Gulf”.

Ask only open-ended questions, so the answers can’t be definitively wrong.

For Leyte Gulf, right? That’s not original to this. You’ll see that in veterans’ accounts and obituaries as well.

A witch turned me into a newt in a previous life.

Got better, though.

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My god! It’s the reincarnation of e e cummings!

I used to believe in reincarnation in a previous life.

Looking at the thread title, I got the image of a giant hamster and his buddies piloting a WWII plane.