Chicago's Steppenwolf?

I’ve only been to the Steppenwolf theatre once, about 8-9 years ago for a forgettable play that had the singular benefit of having Ladysmith Black Mombazo as the musical accompaniment.

The Weir is playing there and I’d really like to see it but I’ve heard that the theatre has a bad reputation.
It’s always a vague sorta “oh they suck” kinda thing.
So, whats the SD?? Is it theatre folk snobbery? Bad treatment of actors, staff? whats the story here?

No, it’s fine. It was started by Gary Sinise and John Malkovich in the basement of a church. They perform plays. That’s all.

MikeG, my sister and I have had season tickets there for years. As a matter of fact, we’re going Saturday. I don’t always like every production, but there is usually something of interest.

In some ways, I think the fact that I go to the theater a lot makes me more tolerant of things, though. If I only went to one or two shows a year, I would be quite pissed if I didn’t thoroughly enjoy it. But considering I probably go to twenty shows a year, I expect some of them to be boring or stupid or whatever. My mom and I just went to Goodman on Sunday, and we both thought the play was about an hour too long.

I’ll most likely see it, I just usually go to small independent theatre stuff vs. BigName places. I like the atmosphere and the work is usually more cutting edge.

I do think Steppenwolf was better before they moved to the nice new expensive theater. You know, when they used to be exactly what you described that you prefer - “small, independent…more cutting edge.” They are definitely more mainstream now.

Mike, if you want to give me a buzz after Xmas, I’ll let you know what I thought of it.