Chick-fil-A's head of Public Relations dies suddenly

Story here.

Thoughts go out to his family. Hopefully it was natural causes and not suicide from the recent mess the company finds itself in.

This story says it was a heart attack.

Love now the story concluded:

Only in Georgia. Well, probably not only in Georgia, and that’s unfortunate.

Not exactly good PR for the company either.

Why do you think it unfortunate?

I wouldn’t guess suicide, but I’m sure his job stress had gone way up recently.

Because it’s their job to report the news, not engage in good old fashioned Southern Baptist praying.

Sure isn’t.

It’s a very unfortunate thing for all parties involved. I doubt even the most staunch opponents of CFA would see any gallows humor in this, or get any schadenfreude out of it. I’m still trying to wrap my head around how to view the situation because I really doubt it’s a coincidence, and it doesn’t strike me as ironic. It’s a sad thing for sure. I wonder how old he was. He only looks late 50’s to me.

The bit about “thoughts and prayers” was quoted from the Chick-Fil-A press release; it was not written by the news outlet.

Admittedly, the news website didn’t do a very good job of setting the quotation off from their own text.

Ach, gotcha.

Maybe god’s trying to tell Chick-fil-A something.

I wasn’t gonna go there, but I guess it’s almost inevitable. This brings up a good point though. If die hard fundies are willing to blame war dead and hurricanes on the existence of homosexuality, how could they deny such a more closely related and timely event as being potentially “a message from God”? I’m sure if it was a PR rep for a company that came out in support of gay marriage that died soon after such an announcement, they’d label it an act of God quite quickly.

Too much of the company’s food combined with too much dealing with the company’s politics working against his department.

Guess he’s not married to his first wife any more.

I’ve heard it on news networks like ABC in event of a tragedy. In any case RIP to Mr. Perry.

Don’t forget the other all-purpose answer. “We can’t know what God’s plan is for us.”

Eet mor beef?

Yeah–Gays are eeeeeeevil and they killed this poor PR-man by proxy due to stressing him out. Don’t worry though, it’s all part of The Plan.

He was literally crushed by the homosexual steamroller.

What we need here is a Chick Tract explaining why all this was all destined to happened and some kinda twisted moral that makes no sense what so ever.

This event could be Jack Chick’s Cistine Chapel moment !