Chick friendly wii games

So I’m slowly and surely introducing my fiancee to nerddom, and found she enjoys playing nintendo wii. I plan on getting one since it is fun for parties and friendly to non gamers. What are some games that are good to break in a gamer novice? so far, the main turnoff for her are games that require a lot of prior knowlege to play- I showed her starcraft 2 for the pc and she was completely lost. She tried DDR for the first time and had fun but was self conscious bouncing and jiggling in public.

Lego games, like Lego Star Wars?
Rayman’s Raving Rabbids?
Mario Party?
Rock Band? Singing is “easy” in that it doesn’t require coordination, but may be embarrassing still.
A Boy and His Blob - apparently it has cute graphics and a heartwarming story, and is a puzzle/platformer.

Boom Blox is a fun little game that doesn’t require any special knowledge or skills. It’s addictive in an Angry Birds kind of way.

The Zelda games, maybe?

Raymond’s Raving Rabbids is a lot of fun - it’s a party-type game, with short, simple, funny games. I like it a lot. There’s several in the series; I have 2 of them (I think).

Also in the “party game” category is WarioWare Smooth Moves. This is a ton of fun.

The new Mario World is excellent - a plus here is that you can use the Wiimote “old school” style, instead of waving it about. If she played any of the Marios in the '90s, she’ll find it really easy to pick up.

If she likes puzzle-type games, I really like Pikmin. I’ve only played the one for the GameCube, but I liked it a ton. There’s one (maybe more) for the Wii; not sure what it’s playstyle is like.

I second Boom Blox and WarioWare, and I’ll throw the “Just Dance” games in there. From what I’ve played it’s not a whole lot of bouncing and jiggling, and it was really fun.

The cooperative nature of “Tales of Symphonia” (Gamecube) and its sequel (Wii) might appeal, too; it’s an RPG with an immersive plot.

Do you download games off the Shopping Channel? Check out the demo for “Fluidity” (“Hydraventure” if you live in Europe), and see if your girlfriend likes it. If so, it’s 8 dollars. It’s a real innovative game where you control a pool of water around a damaged story book, trying to clean up ink wherever it goes. It sounds crazy, but it’s strength is that it’s not a typical video game in the traditional sense. My family full of non-gamers love it, too.

Every chick I know loves Mario kart.