What kind of Wii games would my wife enjoy?

My wife isnt a gamer, nor is she very geeky. However she expressed interest in the Wii, so for xmas I got one for her. She loves it! She enjoys Wii sports.

She’s always been a very active person; her favorite arcade game is throwing the basketball in the hoop for tickets, just for example. She’s been interested in getting more Wii games so I’ve been brainstorming ideas she might like. The vanilla Wii has been out for a while, so I figure there is a good library of games.

I was thinking of getting A Wii fit but I’m not sure how many games support the stairmaster doohickey. She’s not much of a geek so I don’t think she’d be as into zelda or metroid type games. But “party games” are a good bet since having 4 people flailing around in front of the television is a hit at parties :stuck_out_tongue:

Boom Blox Bash Party is wonderfully fun, with multiple ways to play. In some games, throw balls to knock over wooden blocks, in others, you use a gummy hand to grab blocks out of the pile (a la Jenga). In other games, you pull back a rubber band and shoot pucks across the surface, like a carom board. In other games, you have to place blocks into an ever-growing stack.


Warioware Smooth Moves is a great game to play with a group.

My wife hates video games but the ones she will play with my son quite a bit are the Just Dance series.

There was a Wii disk, ours is several years old, with bowling, tennis, golf, pool.

Well, for the money you’d spend on one, it’s a pretty decent bargain. A second hand model with the Nintendo games that they usually release for their consoles (Mario platformer, Mario Kart, Zeldas and Metroid) would be a much better bargain than a WiiU and it’s not terribly ample catalogue for some time.

The Just Dance series is surprisingly good fun if you get into it (and not like my sister, who befuddled my daughter by scoring top marks while sitting down :p) and there are a couple out for the Wii.

I’ve been using the Gold’s Gym boxing workout lately and I really enjoy it. My shoulders are sore after so you know it’s working.

I also have the Harley Pasternak workout and I like it.

Apparently the Zumba is fun but I’ve never tried it.

Incubus: what is the “stairmaster doohickey”?

I think they’re referring to the Fit Board.

Wii Sports if you don’t already have it. And Wii Sports Resort. I think they’re available as a Nintendo Selects bundle now.

Zumba IS fun! Zumba 2 is my favorite, but Zumba Core is good, too. And a heck of a workout!

I second Boom Blox, both versions.

There is a bowling game issued by Brunswick that is better than the version that comes with Wii Sports.

Wii Sports Resort is excellent.