Chicken McYuckets

I have been a big fan of McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets since I was a little lass and they first came out. Yeah, yeah, as people delight in telling me, they’re full of all sorts of horrible, awful things. As I’m not dead yet, I’m not really worried. My question is this: why is it that the McNuggets I get from almost everywhere are fine, while the ones that I get at the McDonald’s near my office are absolutely wretched by comparison? I’m talking veins, gristle, and mysterious discolorations. I’ve gone back a couple of times, in the hopes that it was a bad batch, but the result is always the same. Furthermore, the McNuggets I get at other McD’s outlets are still fine. So what gives? Does my work McDonald’s exist in some weird vortex that causes the nuggets to mutate? Or am I just imagining things?


Chicken Mc Nuggets are the most vile, evil things ever created. I posted about this on the other board not too long ago. I can’t believe anyone actually likes these abominations.

Yeah, the ones at Burger King are way better. (har-de-har)

Maybe it IS a “bad batch” … those crates they come off the truck in are pretty big, and it’s going to take you more than just a “couple of times” (visits) before they get a new shipment.
Y’know, if you just buy a chicken at the supermarket, de-bone it, cube it, bread it, and fry it, you can have all the nuggets you want without ever feeling suspicious of them. They’re cheaper too, and if there’s a fridge and microwave where you work …

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Maybe you should call the health inspectors. If something is CONSTANTLY wrong with just one restaraunt, then chances are the manager there is buying sub-standard chicken or somesuch other activity.

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McDonald’s worries alot about their quality. Individual McDonald’s restaurants can’t just go out and buy their own McNuggets (or burgers, or whatever). I doubt (but it’s not impossible) that a Mickey-D owner or manager would risk cheating. The price of a franchise is really, really high…

Handling doesn’t sound like a good explanation either, since Amy was complaining about veins and gristle.

I think RTA’s explanation is the most probable. McNuggets are the kind of thing that would ship frozen, in large quantities. Even though they sell a ton of the things, it’s conceivable (I haven’t checked) that a shipment could last a month.

I can’t comment on my local McDonald’s McNuggets, since I’ve never eaten one.

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When did Hardees start selling nuggets?

Well, all I know is, I have tried the chicken strips from Burger King, and I have tried the Wendy’s chicken nuggets too, and I found both to be MUCH better than those…those…THINGS served to me at Mc Donald’s. I still have nightmares…

The absolute best chicken nuggets are from Chick-fil-A. They are cut from the best part of the chicken. No parts is parts for them.