Chicken Run!!

You’ve seen the previews! Academy-Award winners Nick Park and Aardman Animation are coming out with a full-length movie!! Woohoo!!!

And I for one, cannot wait!

I have all the Wallace and Grommit tapes, which I absolutely love. But I cannot convince my girl to watch them. She just doesn’t seem interested, for whatever reason.

“Honey, they’re hysterical!” I say.
“Eh…” she replies.
“There’s this diabolical penguin jewel theif and mechanized pants that run all over town, and the toy train…”
“Well, they fly to the moon and run into this robot…”
“Sheep… There’s sheep…”

I don’t know why she just doesn’t want to watch them. I’m going to force her to, and then she’ll see that I’m right.

Woohoo! Mel Gibson, Jane Horrocks, Julia Sawalha!! Yeah!

This is gonna be a cooool movie. Anything Aardman does rocks, even Wat the Pig. Can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait…

I’ll be there in the theatre with you guys. Heck, I’ll buy the popcorn if someone else gets the sodas.

Include me in the “Holy Shit, I can’t Wait!” Crowd. W&G rocks, as does the “creature comforts” tape.

Anyone else like to get baked and wathced these things? I’m gonna be high as a kite when I go see Chicken Run.

That should read “watch”, not “wathced”. No, I’m not baked now. Maybe I should be, it would give me an excuse…

Add two, possibly three here. Mrs. O and I been waiting for this one to come out since we saw the trailers at “Sixth Sense”. We got all three tapes, seen ‘Creature Comforts’ on the Net, and we’re pumped for this one. I’d suggest the baked approach to Mrs. O but I believe we’ll be taking the Tzeroling along* when we go.

*Tzeroling along… sounds like some sort of refrain to a ballad or something. Tzerolingalong, Tzerolingalong…

It’s circled on my calendar.

I first heard of it when we took our daughter to “Road to El Dorado.” During the coming attraction, the first thing you see is the credit “Aardman Animation.”

Me (thinking): “Aardman. Aardman. I know that name. It’s . . . (the penny drops). . . Nick Park!”
I turn to my daughter. “That’s Nick Park!”
Daughter: “Who?”
Me: “Nick Park . . . you know, Wallace and Gromit!”

We’re there.

I’ve been waiting for this for over a year. I saw a preview on my DVD for Prince of Egypt and have been patiently awaiting the release. The wife and I will certaily be there!

I first heard of chicken run while on an airplane a couple of weeks ago. I was reading Entertainment Weekly and there was a short blurb about it. I’ve never been more impatient to get off a plane than that day. I wanted to get onto the net and find out more, but I was on a flight from Sydney to LA, and had another 9 hours to go. Then a 4 hour layover and a 6-hour flight to Boston. Grrr.

I didn’t know what they were working on, but sincerely hoped they were working on SOMETHING since we hadn’t gotten anything new in far too long. When I did get home we watched all 3 W&Gs again, plus the Creature Comforts, Wat’s Pig, etc tape.

Chicken Run is far and away my #1 most-anticipated movie of 2000. If I were forced to choose only one new film to watch this year (which would be tough – I usually see around 150), Chicken Run would be it.

Potentially bad news, though: It’s right in the thick of a very competitive couple of weeks, in the heart of summer. Chicken Run comes out June 23. The week before, Disney sends its post-IMAX Fantasia 2000 to the regular multiplexes, with Shaft and Titan A.E. both opening as well. The week following are three even bigger films: The Patriot, The Perfect Storm (both of which are supposed to be excellent), and The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle, which has mixed buzz but will still be a formidable film marketing-wise. And opening on the same day as Chicken Run is Me, Myself & Irene, the new film reuniting directors Peter & Bobby Farrelly (There’s Something About Mary) with their Dumb and Dumber star Jim Carrey.

Chicken Run is still first on my list, but given the competition, I worry it’s going to get buried…

I absolutely love wallace and gromit, and I’m totally awaiting the premiere of CHICKEN RUN, especially after seeing the preview for it a few weeks ago in the theaters.
“But I don’t want to be a pie!!!” heehee, can’t wait.

Reservoir Dog … I’d watch those tapes with ya. Anytime. You wouldn’t even have to resort to touting sheep as a selling feature.

By the way, I would just about die of ecstasy if MY guy every wanted to watch a comedy as opposed to 6-guys-dying-per-minute movie.

The Family Dave-Guy will be there as well. We are rabid Wallace and Gromit fans (when my son was about 4 years old, he heard my daughter playing one of the W&G tapes. He just looked at me and said, “I love Gromit.”)

Aardman Studios kicks ace in the claymation department. I hope the film does well at the box office, but even if it doesn’t, I’m anticipating buying it when the video becomes available. That stuff just fascinates me, even after repeated viewings.

This looks GREAT! Just saw the previews today while watching Galaxy Quest (Don’t ask :() Can’t wait! I miss my Wallace & Grommit boxed set. My damn Ex took it!