Chicken: white meat or dark meat? Which pieces? Why?

Dark meat for me. Thighs are my favorite. I really don’t get the popularity of breasts- I find them dry and bland compared to thighs. What do you think?

I like cooking with thighs. They’re nearly impossible to overcook and they have a lot of flavor. If I’m ordering fried chicken I really like drumsticks because they’re small and easy to eat and breasts because they have a large piece of “clear” meat without connective tissue to eat around.

Dark meat is more flavorful and only slightly higher in calories than white meat.

The whole “white meat is super good for you” thing is just trendy nonsense.

Drumsticks, simply for laziness purposes.

PS suggest this is IMHO, not cafe society.

I don’t understand the popular preference for white meat. Dark meat has much more flavor.

This. I cook legs and thighs for flavorful meat. White meat is boring.

Thigh. I do like, white, too for cutlets and quick preps, though. Thigh has so much more flavor to me. Also, wings (which are regarded as white meat), are pretty awesome as well.

Dark meat when I was a kid.

The veins in the leg gross me out now. I prefer white as an adult. I will eat a thigh or drumstick once in awhile if the white meat is already taken.

Totally dark meat, drumsticks being the best - the food that comes with a handle.

The best bits of a chicken are the bits you scavenge from the carcass and scoff in the kitchen before serving up the rest. Cook’s privilege.

The oysters!

White meat, if I have a choice.

Dark meat is usually fine, but about 20% of the time it’ll taste…off to me. The closest I can describe it is that I can taste the coagulated blood in the meat. I never get that with white meat, so I prefer it.

White meat for me. I’m about 50/50 between preferring breasts and wings.

Thighs are the best. Chicken breasts and tenders are useful in that they can be easily diced and used in a variety of dishes.

I like white meat and dark meat about equally, if they are cooked well. It’s usually harder to cook white meat well though.

Thighs for me. I like to buy the boneless thighs for grilling, they don’t take as long.

All of them for me. What I don’t like is no choice. But for real flavor I’ll go with the dark meat. Drumsticks preferred on the bone, thighs off the bone.

I like white meat. Chicken breasts.

Wings for munching, breasts for cutting up and cooking. Dark meat for simmered sauces.

Dark meat for the flavor and less tendency to be dry. Thighs are best.