ChiDopers- Folk dancing?

It’s likely something I’ll chicken out of at the last minute, but recently I was reminded how much I once liked to dance in the nature of various ceilidhs and folk-dances practiced in the SCA. I’m once again starting to get my energy back and thinking of myself as a not-too-hideous-to-dance type, and I’m wondering… Is there a good place in the Chicago area to go to for this sort of thing? I promise I won’t let anyone know you refered me! puppy eyes

The barn dance site has links to other dance events
I live in the Quad Cities, but have been to ceilidhs (and done some set dancing) at Gaelic Park.

I’ve also done contra dancing (see the barn dance link) …which is actually easier to pick up if you’re kinda rusty.

Folk dancing is fun.
That’s all I gots to say.