Chicago- Looking for Continuing Education

My sister recently moved to Chicago and wants to take dance classes. I live in Minneapolis and we have pretty good adult continuing education stuff, like this. I just got a newsletter from them today and am stoked about possibly taking a class for next to nothing. So I thought, hey! Chicago must have something like this!

I have Googled to little avail. Anyone in Chicago know if there’s something like community education for pretty cheap, around the brown line area?


I don’t know how cheap you are hoping for, but they have some neat classes at the Old Town School of Folk Music. Both the Lincoln Ave. and the Armitage locations are on the Brown Line.

I came in to mention the same thing. They are very serious about dance. I don’t mean serious in a bad way, either, I’ve taken many classes there (not dance, though) and it’s always a wonderfully positive environment.

The classes aren’t really cheap, though–I’d love to get into some of the dance classes, but I can’t afford anything else and I’m really invested in the ones I’m taking now. The dance students are always excited (and sweaty), and when I look through the classroom window they always look like they’re having a blast.

They used to offer discounts on classes for each hour you spend volunteering at the school - you might want to check whether they still do that, if that’s something you’re potentially interested in.

You know, I had heard that not too long ago and promptly forgot all about it. Thanks!

That looks great, just the type of think I was looking for. Yeah, it is a little pricey, but I know that our parents were willing to get her a class for some sort of gift, so that’ll help her get involved.

I was really surprised that I couldn’t find any sort of community center doing dance classes, but I suspect that a more serious place is more what she’s looking for. And I think she’d get a kick out of volunteering, too. I know she’d love to teach dance, or be involved in some way with a studio. Thanks!

Here’s a list of 61 meetup groups within 25 miles of zip 60610.

I’ll pass that on, too. Thanks, lobotomyboy. That’s just the kind of thing I never would have thought of.

No problem. Here are 32 volunteer groups within 25 miles.

You may also want to check out what the Park District offers.

That is excellent. Thank you, Eva Luna. Now she has tons of options.

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