ChiDopers: recommend a local moving company

After 5 years in my apartment, including the acquisition of some large, heavy furniture, I’m moving sometime in early May. (Note to self: when acquiring furniture on Craislist, it is wise to determine whether, in fact, you are capable of lifting said furniture. Don’t ask.)

There comes a time in one’s life when one is no longer willing to ask one’s friends to move one’s household in return for pizza and beer. I wasn’t super-happy with the company I used the last time (Golan), so can anyone recommend another one? (Golan showed up 4 hours early and demanded I do the move then, on pain of cancellation, plus they broke a board in my sofa and never got back to me about repairing it.) I don’t mind spending a couple bucks more if they won’t pull crap like the above, or like telling me they aren’t sure whether everything will fit in their truck, so they might have to make 2 trips.