ChiDopers: recommend land line/Internet service

Long story short, with any luck, we should be moving in a couple of months. I am just about at wits’ end with AT&T (long story), which has always provided my land line and Internet service until now.

So we’re thinking about switching. We don’t have cable TV, and don’t have any particular interest in having cable TV unless a phone/Internet/TV option is only going to cost a few bucks more (like, say, $20/month or less) than just having phone and Internet, and I’d prefer not to have to deal with having a super-cheap intro offer and then calling to argue with them when they want to jack the rates after the intro period. But we’d be open to the idea of, say, VOIP phone.

So, what are your experiences with phone & Internet providers? Who and/or what kind of setup should we consider?

Hiya Eve! We have RCN for Internet and cable, as we don’t have a land line. I’m not sure what we’re paying, but in terms of service, I can tell you that in like three years we’ve never had any outages or service blips. I’m not sure if that’s an anomaly, but we’ve been very happy with RCN.

Thanks! The issues aren’t with service per se; mostly, I am getting annoyed that they can’t seen to figure out that I didn’t take Tom Scud’s last name when we married. Never mind that they didn’t know he existed until I added him to the account a few months ago purely for the purpose of having credit agencies know he existed at our current address, and that my business relationship with AT&T predates my relationship with him by, oh, 18 years, and that I’ve called them 3x to complain.

Anyway, I may call them later to make sure, but RCN doesn’t seem to be able to find the new address. Maybe it’s a fluke.

ETA: apparently they only serve the northeast side, and we will be on the northwest side. Oh well.