Chief's Log #10

For those of you keeping track, #9 was the press release I posted.

It’s been another couple of weeks, and thought I’d get you folks caught up. IKE’s been operating in the Arabian Gulf now for about a month. We’ve conducted strikes against Iraq in response to violations of the No Fly zones, their shooting at our aircraft(or illuminating our planes with radar) and violations of UN sanctions.
It’s been a very busy and hot couple of weeks. GQ drills, training, ESWS qualifications and the day-to-day operation of 4 TV stations, a daily newspaper, media queries and a slew of world visitors.

As I write, though, we are approaching Jebel Ali, a port city in the United Arab Emirats, for four days of “liberty.” I’ve got one thing on my mind – a bathtub.

This may seem odd to some of you, but think about it. Aboard ship we have to make our own water. What we do make is used for a variety of purposes: it’s turned to steam to propel the ship, it launches out planes, it’s used to cool the ship, we clean our laundry in it, we cook with it and we drink it.

One of the ways we can limit our water usage is by taking “Navy showers.” Run the shower for a minute to get wet, then secure it. Lather and soap up. Then it’s a whole minute and a half to rinse off!

I’ve got liberty today and have made reservations at a hotel. I ensured my room has a tub, around which I will schedule my afternoon activities. I’ve got a good book, I’ll order a bottle of wine and I plan to soak for a couple of hours! The only thing which I could add would probably be some female companionship (Hey! It’s been 4 months already, so leave me alone!), but that can wait for the States.

Not exactly the stereotypical “Sailor on Leave” picture is it? What can I say besides, “Get bent!”

When we depart the UAE, we head back to station up north, awaiting our relief the George Washington, which got underway Wednesday.

Well, that’s about it. I’m off to get all “pruney.”

Glad to hear you’re doing well.

I noticed a news story earlier today, that was a couple of months old, so it referred to another carrier that I suppose was the last one on station before y’all (Enterprise?), that mentioned, in the tone of it being a first, that women pilots had participated in the bombing of Iraq.

Is that the skinny?

Enjoy it, Chief. Remember to leave the dirt in the drain, not on the towels.

Where is the line forming to scrub your back???

Thanks for the update, I have really enjoyed reading your logs.

Have a good long soak and thanks for defending democracy.

So what’s so bad about wanting a soak in a tub with a bottle of wine ? I’d give a weeks pay for the pleasure but I never have the time or the tub. Shit, with my kids I get a lukewarm “navy shower” every day after they drain every ounce of hot water in the heater. Godspeed your safe return !

I’ve got all these scented bath oils and a loofa and a big fuzzy soft towel.Where do I check in?

You can even borrow my rubber duckie.

It’s the least you deserve for being out there protecting us.

Hey Cheif
Any chance you can get down to Abu Dhabi, I’ll be most happy to buy you a drink. The Company I work for here is made up of 99% retired military. We even have one or two navy folks here.for the next couple of days you can reach me at 050-661-5234. For the next few days I’ll be in Sharjah teaching CPR.

Enjoy your stop here in the UAE.

I have to admit it doesn’t fit the stereotype, but it seems to fit in with what you’d find in here, atypical behavior.

Besides, bathing is safer than lord knows what you’d pick up elsewhere. :smiley:

Surfs up!

Taking the opportunity to live like the Air Force, eh Chief?

I hope you really enjoy your leave, I know Bluesman is sorry you didn’t get there soon enough for him to share a beer with you in the desert.

Thanks for the update, Chief. Oh, my…to soak in a tub for hours, lots of bubbles, a glass <or two> of wine, and a book. Sounds like a small slice of heaven to me!
<of course, if dragnlady and three bunny mama have their way, I don’t know how much reading you’ll get done!>
Just how many people will your tub hold? wink
Hope you get to meet Mr Bear for a drink while you’re there. Say hi for me, and I’ll be nice and not ask you to kiss him for me.

Better YOU than ME, chief! I remember those “navy” showers of 1.29 gallons of water! Just to rub it in…I took a 10 minute “HOLLYWOOD” Juuuuust this morning!
All kidding aside…thanks for doing your job and not complaining…((well…much anyway)).It’s a tough job and not everyone can handle it.Yours truly included,that’s why I got the hell out!

What? A manly Navy man wants to take a BATH??? I dunno Chief…we might have to investigate this.

All kidding aside, enjoy your break, Chief. You deserve it. hugs

Keep your hand on the book, Chief. It’s less than two months to Norfolk!

Hey Chief

Ran into some of your shipmates today(I think). I was at the Hard Rock today for lunch, and the place was full of navy guys (the hair cut always gives you away). Talked to a couple of them, and they didn’t know who you were. They were intrested in finding out where to buy carpets at. If you get a chance the offer to buy you a drink still stands.
In any event enjoy your time in UAE

Enjoy your tub Chief ! And make it home safely , please !

Bear –

No luck on the phone number, dude. I’ve got duty today (Brow OOD on the midwatch, too) so it doesn’t look like we’re gonna hook up.

BTW, the only Hard Rock our guys can go to is the Dubai Hard Rock.

I holed up at the airport Le Meridian – excellent.

Coldfire will be happy I caught the Portugal and Italy Euro 2000 matches last night. Good football!

So anyway, that Chief is such a loser…Chief!!! You’re back! Honest I wasn’t spreading rumors and slamming you. I swear. :wink:

Whew, Cheap Shirt, you were gone so long I almost missed you!

Hope you enjoyed your bath, hon. Too bad I couldn’t be there to join you in it. Oh wait. You’d just turn me down anyway. Nevermind. :wink:

Shayna, will you blow me?