Chik-fil-A and making money

I tried to search for the thread, but cannot find it so I’ll ask for this new one.

I read somewhere that Chik-fil-A food places are not open Sundays.
I also read that the malls didn’t like this, hving one of their food places closed and told them they would keep them if they made as much profit 6 days as the other food places did 7 and they actually did.
Is this true?

Yep. The owner does not allow it. Franchise owners cannot violate this rule. I’d asked this question before pondering what would happen to this rule when the guy dies. It’s apparently written into the company’s charter to cover this after he croaks. It’ll be a cold day in hell before a Chik-Fil-A opens on a Sunday.

So do they really make as much in 6 days as the others do in 7?

I wonder why a mall would care, as long as they get their rent from the restaurant.?

Judging from the lines for each Chick-fil-A around here (I can think of 5 in the immediate area, 3 in malls, 2 stores), I’d bet they make as much in 3 or 4 days as the others do in 7.

Their chicken sandwiches are good, not to mention the unusual selling of fruit cups(mostly apples) and cheesecake, which is a nice difference from others.

In ours, at a mall, one of the employees is all enthused about the Lord and tells the customers this, it seems.
Not that “I” mind, myself.

Apparently, the malls aren’t quite the financial bonanza they once were, as Chik-fil-A’s are now sprouting up in free standing locations. They’re also closed on Sundays.

Mall owners often have grotesque rental agreements with stores that involve the mall owner virtually profit sharing with the shop. For this reason they will close your little family store that makes you an adequate living if they can replace you with a chain store that turns a bigger profit. That is why you sometimes see successful smaller businesses moving away from malls.

free range Chik-fil-a"s? :slight_smile:

Not only are they closed on Sunday, they seem to have hired every polite person under the age of 25 in the 9 surrounding counties.

Their response to any request (like asking for a drink refill) is, “My pleasure.” Now I know that they’re probably pod people from Stepford :wink: but dammit, I like it.

They also contribute to a “charitable” :rolleyes: group that actively discourages people from using condoms.

You heard me correctly.

This outfit spreads disinformation that condoms offer no protection against HIV.

Their rationale :rolleyes: :rolleyes: is that homosexuality & fornication are sins.
How long will these guys burn in hell for the torment their lies cause?

I no longer eat at Chik-Fil-A


(I’m willing to accept your word for the proposition that you no longer eat there, of course; I’m interested in suppot for the claims that (a) they contribute to a charity that (b) spreads lies about the efficacy of condom use.)

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**Bosda ** I am NOT challenging your veracity, I am simply seeking more details – with no mitigation to what you wrote I will be joining your boycott – all this is a long way of asking:

Another reason Malls may not be delighted with Chik-Fil-A is that Malls create a synergy – they want to lure you in there to shop, eat, drink and spend spend spend and never leave. If 1 of the most popular restaurants is always closed on one of the most popular shopping days, people who felt like chicken or aren’t up for “the usual” mall fare are going to go to another Mall or eat elsewhere coming later /leaving earlier.

The same thing with In-N-Out in California. I wonder if it’s for the same reason. In-N-Out starts its employees out at $8.25 an hour and full time employees are fully insured - health, dental, vision - along with paid vacations and a 401k. Basically, they’re rewarded very well for being the best employees in the business.

In-n-Outs are opened on Sundays though. Most of them are opened 24/7/365.

Back to the OP, a friend of mine owns a Deli in a mall and he is required to be open whenever the mall is open. He has to pay the mall a percentage of his revenue and is limited in what he can sell so as not to compete with the other stores. For example, he can’t start selling pizza becuase there is a pizza place in the mall too. I suppose the mall owners can make an exception for an incredible perfomer but they won’t for my friend.


Well, yeah. I was just talking about the polite employees thing, though.

I heard that Chik-fil-A’s stocks or whatever are private and that they would make a hell of a lot more money if they opened them to the public but possibly the owner has some moral reason for not doing so?

Hey! It’s his business. If he’s satisfied, why change? What’s wrong about private enterprise anyway?

Chik-Fil-A has a pretty cool deal for its employes too. If you agree (as a high school student )to work for them exclusively without after school activities, they will pay for your college. Which is great for many teens. I may not agree with the founder’s right wing political views but I do respect someone who actually gives back to the community.

Re: Sunday closings. Publix, a Florida-based supermarket that has now spread throughout the southeast, used to be closd on Sundays as wll due to the founder’s wishes. The Sunday after the founder died, the stores started staying open on Sunday. They must have had the plans in the works.

Perhaps he just doesn’t feel he needs the infusion of capital, and would rather retain private ownership. Large private companies aren’t THAT unusual. Burger King, Domino’s Pizza and Metromedia (which operates Bennigan’s, Ponderosa and a couple other steak houses) are also private. These are the three resturaunt companies in Forbes’ list of largest American private companies (they list 281 private companies in the 2003 list, their criteria apparently being at least $1 billion in revenues, possibly estimated).

If it was public, his shareholders would probably do some damn fool thing like demand he open on Sundays.