Chick-fil-A -- will no longer fund groups with anti-same-sex marriage stances.

The battle is over.

Everyone can enjoy their chicken sandwich now. bon appetit


But the hate added that little something something to the flavor that you couldn’t quite put your finger on…

I’m awaiting a press release from Chic-fil-a saying as much or them telling the country this gay advocacy group speaks for them.

Right now the story is hearsay.

Are they going to fund gay rights groups with as much money as they funded anti-gay groups? No?

That would be fabulous.

Still gonna boycott the shit out of 'em unless they run 7 days a week.

IF this is true (and it’s a massive if), maybe they saw their Q3 earnings. And they were all like :frowning:

If they agree not to fund hate groups, that’s a big enough step forward. I think it’s safe to drop the outrage.

I suspect that more likely they got a load of KFC’s return of the “Chicken Littles” sandwiches, and figured that their Q4 earnings don’t need another problem.

Gee what a big surprise! What a nice change of heart. :dubious:

What’s wrong with them having a day off? Yeah, it’s a religious reason, but it’s nice for them employees.


People are eating Chicken Little!? Monsters.

Personal reasons.

I work at a business that’s open 7 days a week and I still manage to get a day off.

Of course. It’s probably just nice having Sunday off. You can go and stay out late on Saturday, without having to worry about having to get up early the next day.

Always nice to have a weekend off.

Meh, the pickle juice trick worked. I can make abso-fucking-lutely delicious chicken right here from my own kitchen in less time than it would take me to drive to a chikfila. And it costs me like 2 bucks for the chicke, juice, breading, bun and condiments. It would cost less but I’m a sucker for marketing and I get the fancy organic chicken breasts because I’m a liberal weenie. I found Cathy an unpleasant person and would prefer to not put any more money in his bank account than absolutely necessary.

Yeah, now who will tell us the sky is falling?

You know, they could start having Same Sex Weddings there and I wouldn’t give them a dime. After their Huckabee inspired “Homophobia Pride Parade” on 8/1 they are a symbol of hatred in my eyes. Dan Cathy made this particular $h!t sandwich, now they need to eat it…

Sweet! But billfish678 is right the hate added a nice sweet tangy spice to the taste and I’m really going to miss that. Maybe if I go in pretending really really hard that I hate some people I can trick my brain into imagining that the sweet sweet hate is still there.

Slightly off topic, but back in the day there was a boycott of Coors beer because of their stance against Gays and donating money to anti-Gay organizations.

I later met a member of the Coors family who described that particular family member who was pushing this anti-Gay agenda as their “nut-uncle” and an embarrassment to the rest of the family. They eventually ousted him as CEO, and Coors turned right around and I believe they were one of the first to offer domestic partner health insurance and benefits - and also started to actively support Gay Pride events.

So although I have never even seen a Chick-fil-A, let alone eat at one - I think it will be important to see if they follow up their actions of no-longer donating to homophobic organizations, but turn around and donate money and support organizations that work to stop homophobia. That would be a correct step in the right direction and prove that the entire family is not a bunch of bigots. Perhaps they too have their “nut-uncle” who doesn’t speak for the rest of them.

But simply stopping donations to hate organizations is not enough to say “all is good now.” Just because a guy stops beating his wife doesn’t make him Husband of the Year - and no longer donating money to hate groups doesn’t make you a beacon of light for Gay Rights.

It really isn’t for religious reasons. Truitt Cathy originally took Sunday off because he was exhausted.

I don’t eat there because I don’t eat fast food, but the clincher was their support of homophobic organizations. Now, however, I’m happy to hear that they will no longer financially support those organizations, but I really couldn’t give a shit if they are still bigoted. Lots of people are bigoted, people you come across every day, and you just probably don’t know it. Not everbody loves everybody. I don’t need a retail establishment to actively support anti-discrimination before I’ll patronize their store. I recognize we’re probably coming at this from two different directions but I think the company deserves some credit for this. True, it probably had a lot to do with their bottom line, and true, I still won’t eat there, but they’ve taken a big step in the right direction. Your buying dollars won’t be finding their way into the pockets of hate groups. That’s a good thing.