Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day

Just drove by the Chick-Fil-A where I live, and the place was packed.

About 600,000 people have liked Mike Huckabee’s Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day page on Facebook.

Are the Chick-Fil-A’s where you live getting a lot business today? Just heard that police had to be called to direct traffic at another Chick-Fil-A in town.

The only one I know of that is reasonably close by is in a mall about 15 miles away. More often than not its Sunday when I go to that mall. Can’t really help you. There aren’t that many in this state.

Yeah, according to a FB status update I saw, apparently the CfA close to me is line-out-the-door packed.

“Good thing we still have morals in this country!” was one comment…

I briefly saw on the news today that all the Tampa Bay area Chick-Fil-A’s were filled with the usual fatties on hoverrounds.

The CFA near me was mobbed today when I drove by at about 1:30. At first I thought maybe they were giving away food and thought these people must be morons to wait what appeared to be at least 30 minutes for free food. Then I realized that they were actually willing to sit in line all that time to pay to support poor, poor CFA and its anti-queer stance. :smack:

Apparently it was mobbed here as well.

The lines are longer than that in many places, and some people are calling in bulk orders. CfA is making piles of money today.

NPR in Chicago is reporting that the ones there are lines-out packed.


Here in B’ham suburbs there is a (reported) hour wait in the drive through.

And of course, the Facebook “I sat in line for over an hour at CFA!” “Well you are a living intolerant devil!” “Well you’re a godless homosexual!” has begun. Of course, I threw in on that too to be honest.

Alabama here, I was going to eat there for lunch but the line was out the door, and the drive thru line was circled around the building. We had cops directing traffic as well. I figured they had my support in spirit so I ate a “burger for the cause” instead.

Also talked with my mom in Indiana and it was the same thing with her. Huge lines out the door.

Pretty neat IMHO

None anywhere in upstate New York, even the bigger cities. It’s usually the last part of the country where national retail and restaurant chains will expand, after they’ve saturated the market in the rest of the country.

It’d be funny if the result of all of this was that CFAs would only be open on Wednesdays while at the same time all of the small town bars that used to only have ‘Gay night’ would stay open all week.

I’d really rather be trying to change the ‘hearts and minds’ of the Dan Cathy’s of the world so that they don’t feel inclined to donate massive amounts of money to excert political will against equality than get into a consumer activism media blitz, but we all have our own roles to play in the revolution. :wink:

The crowds had to clear out of the Chick-fil-A in Martinsburg, West Virginia, when somebody called in a bomb threat. There was no bomb, but how do you suppose those people feel now?



The ones with I.Q.s above 85 probably feel like they are being manipulated by the religious right.
The ones with I.Q.s below 85 feel that the evul gays are out to destroy them.

I love the way so many seem to believe that buying a chicken sandwich makes them Rosa Parks, Gandhi, and Nathan Hale rolled into one. My, that is one hell of a stand you just made- and as a result the crops will come in, your kids will all be straight, your husband will love you again, and that thing on your back will stop changing shape, all because of eating that sandwich. Good on you!

Heh. Okay, I gave you that one.

But I meant, they’d probably feel confirmed in what Sampiro is talking about–that they’re taking a righteous stand against the oppressor gays.

I love the way so many seem to believe that NOT buying a chicken sandwich makes them Rosa Parks, Gandhi, and Nathan Hale rolled into one.

The places around here are all swamped as well. Should make going to Popeyes later a breeze.

Well, if a gay or lesbian or pro gay/lesbian person was dumb enough to be the one that called in the bomb threat…well good going guys!