Child chokes to death on bread. School officials say d'ough!

Sad news from Japan today, a 12-year old student bit off more than he could chew, literally. In commemoration, the competitive eater Kobayashi will eat 150 loaves of sourdough bread.

Ok, that second part was made up. Here’s the link:

I know it’s wrong to laugh at this, but the whole situation seems so surreal. The bread was only 10 centimeters in diameter! And the school’s reaction strikes me as so Japanese for some reason: “Following the incident, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology notified prefectural education boards nationwide Tuesday to instruct school children to chew their food properly.”

Geez, and I thought mochi was the only thing they had to watch out for!

Well, between the insects, natto, tentacle rape, fugu, andobatarions, it can be quite the dangerous country :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure I entirely understand the article. The choking kid had a cardiac arrest? Is this something your body does while choking, or is this an anomaly?

See I thought they would be fine with natto, I thought nobody could eat more than three beans of that stuff! :stuck_out_tongue:

I never heard of that obatarion term before! I like it, I’m going to have to remember that one.

It just seems to weird to me that the kid took a bit of his bread, then decided to cram all of the rest in at once. Kids do strange things.

When you are wondering why you are sent to Hell, St. Peter will quote this thread title back to you.

I know why I will be sent. Because I laughed at it.

Those orientals are so funny when they die.

ETA: Just had to say that I was just giving myself such a fit of the giggles imagining the expressions on those Japanese parents’ faces when the school called and broke the news.

If this had happened in the US, school districts all over the country would be banning bread and creating zero-tolerance policies.

I wish I was kidding. :frowning:

I don’t want this thread to become serious, but I find it necessary to reply to this. Rest assured, I would have found this humorous regardless of ethnicity. As for your second comment, all I have to say is ‘won’t somebody think of the children?!’:dubious: Having a morbid, black sense of humor is not incompatible with sympathy.

I sure wouldn’t want to mar your day with seriousness. Here, have a chuckle.

You can’t eat fewer - it’s all connected.

Can I invoke Godwin’s Law? OK, I’m done. We can agree to disagree.

For some reason, I read that as “Memorial, Headlice Children”. Seems an odd thing to make a statue about! :slight_smile:

My husband, at about the age of the kid in the OP, used to have competitions with his friends about how many Ritz or Premium Plus or whatever crackers they can fit into their mouths at once. Definite choking hazard!

You haven’t lived until you’ve eaten the common breakfast of a bunch of it mixed with raw egg and mustard!
NB: I didn’t do this, only watched in horror.

I wish you were, too. Don’t forget the “Chubby Bunny” numbnutz. Parents successfully screwed the school distrct for $2 mil. just for having a stupid kid. They said it wasn’t about the money, but a warning to go out to everyone not to allow dangerous games to occur in gradeschools. Right.

That happened 10 minutes prior to the official school endorsed Chubby Bunny game. I don’t have a problem with the parents suing the school.


The one that I tried included yellow mustard (and now I know that Japanese yellow mustard includes horseradish, yuck!) and soy sauce. I thought that they would help with the taste. Nothing could be as bad as plain natto, right?

I was wrong. :frowning: