"Umm 'scuze me, but we's used to eatin' stake and lobstar. Kin we have that, pwease?"

Spoiled Vegas brats with expensive tastes demand better food from their cafeteria, while reporters gather around and AWWWWWW themselves to death.

There are so many things wrong with this article that I don’t even know where to begin, short of just joining Al Qaeda and flying a manure freighter into that Luxor pyramid in the middle of family week. T**he kids sat down to their regular “salad bar” of cooked, frozen and canned vegetables, from baby corn to cherry tomatoes
** while they filled out their ADORABLE demands for the “stake and lobster” and “chicken cordon blue” that they’re accustomed to eating. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! What, no fucking FOIE GRAS stuffed PRAWNS, you spoiled little fucking ABORTIONS?

What kills me the most is this hapless lunch lady who’s put on the spot to provide something “better” than the existing “salad bar” of “everything from baby corn to cherry tomatoes,” presumably in addition to whatever entrees are already available. Jesus, that’s not enough? REALLY? I understand that we’re dealing with the spoiled, entitled, demanding little darlings of Las Vegas plutocrats and Casino barons, but it sounds like they’ve got it PRETTY FUCKING GOOD to begin with! When I went to school, we had gross chicken patties and gross hamburgers, with soggy french fries on the side. EVERY DAY. And that’s IT. These little toilets have access to a veritable buffet of good stuff on a daily basis, and yet they start a letter-writing campaign with the local media on-hand to applaud. Goddamn, things like this make me hate our freedom.

Dear Students of William V. Wright Elementary School: GET AIDS.

Oh, it must be Tuesday. How nice…

VCO3, did you even read that article? The kids negotiated some minor revisions in their cafeteria offerings as part of a class on democracy. A couple of kids mentioned unrealistic suggestions on a survey. Take a 'lude, relax,


Oh, look. Another spittle filled diatribe from the reading comprehension impaired.

For those who don’t feel like reading the actual article, let me sum up:

First graders read a book about characters boycotting their school cafeteria. When asked if this was a “respectful” way of handling it, they said no. They also said that their own cafeteria’s reheated frozen green beans sucked. The teacher helped them to write letters to the lunch staff politely asking that the menu be adjusted. To make their letters useful instead of just whiny complaint letters, the teacher arranged a salad bar of possible vegetable options be brought in, and the students tried different vegetables and took a survey about what they liked and didn’t like. Once they actually had an informed opinion, they suggested some of their favorites in their “Dear Lunch Lady” letters. They also suggested some wildly impractical things like “stake” and lobster 'cause they’re kids with no concept of food pricing or the running of a school cafeteria. The administration read the letters and says they’ll use the suggestions (like raw carrots) to “tweak” the menu.

So, no, the “salad bar” is not part of the school lunch. The article makes it very clear that while the children tried a variety of vegetables, the only ones which are logistically and cost possible are “canned and frozen green beans, corn, cooked or raw carrots and cooked or cold peas.”

I can’t figure out whether the article changed after you posted or whether you are a clueless pathetic looking for attention by inflating a story way beyond the boundaries of reason.

Would you please click on your own link and verify that the story hasn’t changed.

VCO3, have you lost it? The kids started a very respectful letter campaign to get the menu changed… and then it was.

Al Qaeda?!!!

For those who don’t wish to read the entire article:

Some 2nd graders didn’t care for the vegetable selections at their school. They voiced their concerns and the staff actually listened. They prefered raw carrots to cooked, frozen green beans to canned, nix the canned peas please, etc.
They were also asked for other suggestions.
A few attempted to be humorous and said “surf n’ turf for breakfast!” (ha, ha)

Nothing to really get worked up about here.

Isn’t it possible that the kid asked for steak or lobster for the same reason that VCO3 started this thread?

Attention can be an intoxicating thing.

Not only that, but they wanted a wider variety of vegetables. Spoiled brats, indeed.

I’m leaning toward the second option.

VC03, I’m one of your biggest fans (I think your terminal outrage over every little thing is hysterical), but I can’t get behind this one. You obviously did not understand the article to get the conclusion you got from it.

But don’t you see, when we start teaching children about democracy and the power of free speech, the terrorists will have won!

Wait, something sounds wrong with that…

veritable != regular.

Okay… :rolleyes:

I’ll do the obligatory “Here’s some decaf, VCO3”.

Take a midol. :rolleyes:

Hell no, those taste like vagina.

Wait, wait. Are you saying that he once had it?


The green light says he’s still online, but he isn’t participating in the thread. I think his head may have finally exploded.

(And lieu, you crack me up.)

As of yet there has been no word from Agatha Trunchbull of the Hairnet Ladlers Local 135 concerning any possible job action…