Child won't stand for the pledge until gays & lesbians have equal rights.

This 10 year old wont stand for the pledge until gays and lesbians have equal rights. Not sure if this is in the right forum, as I think most people here wouldn’t have any objection to the child’s action, (or lack of). I would also like to point out how supportive his father is.

What a great child and a supportive good father. The father seemed to understands his child’s action’s could get them some attention, but seems to be in it for the cause. I think most of you will be delighted to see such a young person with such a great understanding what “liberty”. Pretty brave little guy.

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Aside from the fact that he’s right, good for him for taking an interest and expressing an opinion.

Good for him for having the courage to be a noticeable spokesperson for the cause.

I heard the story on local radio this morning.
Thanks for the link.

I’m conflicted.

Good for the kid in what he is doing and why. Bad, because he’s probably being pushed into it by an adult, and I would love to see people quit using their kids as props in their pet causes, even if it’s a cause with which I agree.

I just don’t think decisions (even inevitable ones) about people’s rights should be made or influenced by kids pulling publicity stunts.


Right – I just see all the “God” threads in GD, and think it’s possible for someone to come in here and show their objection for people not standing for the pledge. I just wanted to share it, because the kid is ten. The kid seems to be doing it on his own. I don’t think he’s being pushed, (but that’s MHO). He seems very individualistic to me. I don’t think they rehearsed talking about what a “gay-wald” is.
(Spelling on that? “Wald”?)

Way to go, kid! Make us proud!

Every person who stands up (or refuses to) puts us one step closer to equality.

People are always quick to say that around here. Do Dopers think opinionated 10-year-olds don’t exist in nature? What you’re saying isn’t impossible, of course, but there’s no reason to assume either. I do find myself wondering why this is national news. Has CNN decided it’s going to put a kid on the air every week?

I assume it because IME it’s probably the case. I also assume it because I doubt the kid was the one to get the ball rolling with the local and national media. I just hope it’s not mom or dad hiding behind the kid, but I suspect it probably is.

The kid is being used to advance an agenda. Maybe it was his idea, and if so I hope we see a kid this principled and dedicated end up in government one day. If not, it makes the adult behind it a coward.


They make it known that it’s an “exclusive interview”. I don’t know the CNN guy. I don’t usually watch those channels because I get depressed. As far as it being “national news worthy”, I don’t have an opinion other than the fact that there are plenty of things I’ve seen that’s relevance to that juncture is questionable. I don’t particularly like the interviewer, aside from his last two questions to Will.

I was thinking the same thing until I watched the interview on the video. This kid is for real.

*IF *the kid is for real, then my opinion is that he’s a very brave family for listening to a ten year-old’s rational thinking, and standing by it over any adult who has an issue with it. I can’t say for sure how the media involved, but when the Will told him what made him stay seated was when he stood the week before… that sounds legit to me. I won’t know for sure, but I think, (and hope) Will is the driving force. Wonder if he’ll question the “under God” part of the pledge any time soon.

…that’s not very convincing. But yes, the 10-year-old probably didn’t call CNN. Maybe we’re talking past each other: if you mean a parent is probably responsible for the kid being on air, I agree. If you mean he quit standing for the pledge because his parents pressured him, I think that’s an unnecessary assumption.

I figured it was covered on a local channel and CNN got wind, but now I don’t know what happened because I can’t find a local story on YouTube. Of course, the message the boy’s trying to convening is perhaps tarnished by the interest’s of others. I’m not sure if he understands that or not; but the initial action is why I thought it to be worthy to share. He didn’t know where it would lead him when he made the decision.

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I can’t watch the video right now, so if this is addressed I apologize, but what makes you think he was pushed into this by an adult? My son is nine, and he understands these issues. They don’t stand and say the pledge at his school, or I would say he might do something like this. As it is, he got into an argument with his teacher about Just Say No/ Red Ribbon Week, and believe me, I didn’t push him into that. I agree with him, but I really don’t want to be the mom who’s kid thinks the War on Drugs is a crock of shit. He did it on his own though, and I am proud he thinks about these issues. Sometimes, I wish he’d remember where we live, and keep his head down though.

edited to add: I see a lot of other people mentioned this same thing while I was typing. Sorry to add to an apparent pile on.

I don’t find a local story save for the radio this morning. It was an audio clip from the CNN interview.

Someone would still have to tell the local press. It’s not like they have undercover child reporters in the classroom. :smiley:

Yeah, that makes me wonder. Maybe the father is showboating the kid, or held off on interviews until getting the best offer. It didn’t seem to naturally snowball, and I doubt it was the school district to tip off the press.

I hope it’s all been done with the best intent, but I can’t say.

You guys ruin everything. I thought this was sweet. :smiley:

Hey, if the kid is for real, great. I just hope he knows what he’s getting into, since some groups have shown that they will in no way hesitate to attack children over stuff like this.


Heh. I always refused to say the pledge, sometimes refused to stand for it, for no particular reason other than that it felt like brainwashing. No one ever made a fuss about it…