Childhood cold remedies.

I came down with a cold today (I’m responsible for the board problems, eh?) This evening I ate with Mom and mentioned the hot lemonade she made when we were sick when I was young. So she sent me home with a couple of lemons. :smiley:

So I’m sitting here sipping hot lemonade (juice of 1/2 a lemon, lots of sugar, and water, heated up in a microwave).

What did your Mom do when you were sick as a kid?

My Mom did something like what you described only it was a bit different recipe… about a lidful or two of lemon juice (y’know the stuff you buy in the green bottles? lidful’s of that one) with boiled water, honey and for some reason a little bit of butter (just a little bit like a 1/4 teaspoon I guess)

I loved that for my sore throats…

For generations, back to the Scottish Highlands, rabble-rousers and first rate bawdy-housers have used a concoction based on some form of tea, lemon or other citrus juice, and single malt.

This bawdy-surfer was weaned on Earl Grey, lemon juice, family harvested honey, pulverized asperin, and a splash (or ten) of top notch single malt whiskey.

Vicks got the recipe wrong with NyQuil. Their loss.

Colds were merely a situation that required proper lubrication to diminish.

Some say a predilection to imbibe can be a genetic issue. I say it comes from proper nurturing at a tender young age. Whiskey: from pram to senility…better than mother’s milk for the building of strong bodies, and character to match.