Kill or cure - the cold remedy thread.

I know it’s the wrong end of the season in the Northern Hemisphere but only a few days into autumn here in Australia and a cold has already gone through every member of my family over the last week.

About the only good thing about it is getting my make up my own home remedy:

[li]fresh lemon juice (1 large or 2 small lemons)[/li][li]1 tsp honey[/li][li]about 1 inch of cinnamon bark[/li][li]3 or 4 dried cloves[/li][li]water[/li][li]small shot of dark rum (optional) [/li][/ul]

[li]In a pan measure out about the amount of water it will take to 3/4 fill a normal size coffee mug. [/li][li]Add cinnamon bark and cloves - bring to boil and then let simmer for maybe 5 minutes[/li][li]put lemon juice, honey & rum into mug, when the water has simmered long enough pick out the cloves and cinnamon bark and pour into the mug[/li][li]stir[/li][li]drink[/li][li]wince when the hot lemon hits your sore throat :D[/li][/ol]

I started doing this as a kid (with only lemon juice, honey and boiling water) and it got me through many colds and bouts of tonsillitis.

So dopers, what are your cold killers or comfort drinks?

At least 64 oz of water. Your remedy tastes better, though.