Childhood memories - Presto Hamburger cooker

Just bought a vintage Presto hamburger cooker for $3.50 from Ebay. Talk about memories. :cool: When I was ten mom bought one in 1976. She worked all day and I was stuck at the house during the summers. She didn’t trust me to cook on the stove yet.

This little gadget was amazing. Mom would leave me a ball of hamburger meat (ice cream scoop size) in the fridge, and a bun on the counter. Preheat the cooker for 5 mins and put the meat ball in. It flattened into a patty when you closed the lid. 3 to 4 mins later I had a hot hamburger. Pure heaven for a latch key kid. Beats the hell out of cold lunch meat sandwiches.

I used my little cooker through high school and into college. Fresh burgers in my dorm room! It finally broke about 1985.

Can’t wait to revisit my childhood. :smiley: Presto burgers just like the old days.

I bought vintage because all the reviews on Amazon said the new presto cooker breaks after a few months. The vintage 70’s ones last for a long, long time.

I remember those. We didn’t have one as the waffle iron did the same thing. Held the condiments really well. :smiley: