Childhood summers at a Nudist camp

There’s lots in the Rockies! Especially during the week. Going for a dip is a furtive endeavour on some of the more popular trails on the weekend, though.

My guess is those locations in the Rockies lack the - hordes of insect life that I’m more used to.

Where we used to camp (northern Ontario and Quebec), you’d have to have a hide like a bear to go nude, as otherwise you would very soon find clouds of mosquitos, blackflies, deerflies, horseflies, stableflies and/or no-see-ems (season and time of day depending) feasting on your delicate private parts.

More typically, when not actually immersed in water, far from removing clothes we’d invent new kinds of clothes, just to keep them away from our skin (a cloth hanky pinned under a hat to keep the bugs off one’s neck; clips around the sleeves to stop blackflies crawling up, etc.)

I don’t think a nudist would last ten minutes, June through beginning of August.

Two questions.

  1. If one of the nudists is a gorgeous woman with a perfect body, will things get really awkward with the guys? Like lots of staring, erections, or spontaneous orgies?

  2. What is the point of being naked? What is so bad about clothes?

Sorry if the questions seem too ignorant. I know nothing about nudists.

Except that he’s breaking one of the most serious laws in our society, as well as one of the biggest taboos in our culture - and I’m not referring to walking around bare-assed, either. If a pedophile is using a nudist camp as cover for victimizing children, there’s going to be a fairly high degree of nervousness that he’s going to be caught. Unless you’re positing that the entire camp is full of pedophile nudists, but then I have to wonder, what the nudism has to do with the equation - I’d expect that camps full of pedophiles wearing clothes would be as big (or, likely, bigger) a problem as camps of nudist pedophiles.

While I’m at it, I’m curious about the idea of pedophiles having “stables” of children. Where do they get all these kids from? Wouldn’t people notice someone going around with a bunch of kids like that, unless they’re a teacher or a scout leader or something? And again, it seems the problem there wouldn’t be pedophiles in nudist colonies, but pedophiles in schools or scout troupes, of which nudist pedophiles would surely be a fairly small sub-section.

I guess, in short, could you explain your whole conception of this nudist-pedophile link? Because really, none of it is making any sense to me.

To add to the questions: I’ve found I can get an erection without even thinking anything sexual. With my clothes on, this has never been a problem. Would it be without?

And why, in a society that glorifies sex, are we so ashamed of that one particular action, even if it does signal attraction? Or is that best asked in another thread?

Lakai: Take a look at the stories by people in this thread. Those of us who have spent time in a setting where everyone’s naked, have found that nakedness often loses its sexual charge. Naughty bits are interesting when they aren’t visible, I suppose because it allows fantasy to roam free. I’ve never seen an orgy ensue because there was a gorgeous man or woman in the room with the rest of the plebs.

I think it may also have to do with the fact that you’re naked yourself, and sort of defenseless. People are noticeably less aggressive when they’re in the nude. I guess that applies to sexual aggressiveness as well.

**BigT: **I don’t think I’ve ever seen a guy have an erection in those surroundings, so I’ll leave that for the nudist guys to answer. I think I’d find it either a little awkward, a little funny or offensive depending on context. Why? Because being naked together with other people relies on trust. I’m not there for sex, and I’m not there to show myself off to anybody else. I trust the other people there to leave me and my body alone. Again, I’m not there because being naked is a sexual act. Undressing also means getting rid of signals and attributes of culture and class. Everyone is reduced to being merely humans.

Sure, someone may get the occasional erection but I haven’t seen it out in the open, which means that guys hide it, either out of embarrassment or in understanding of the tacit agreement above. Someone openly staring at me with a hard-on is in breach of that agreement.

Usually you are expected to carry a towel for sitting on. This can also be used by guys to keep things discreet if need be. More importantly, if you think the whole point of visiting a nudist/naturist* park is to gawk at men or women in the altogether, as your preferences dictate, you probably wouldn’t stay around very long and you probably won’t come back. I would say the primary motivator of outdoor nudism is how good it can feel. Advocates often talk about how being nude levels social differences, and it may at that, but for me it’s sufficient that it feels good, as long as circumstances and local laws permit me to indulge in it.

One reason is that under appropriate weather conditions, it’s extremely comfortable outdoors. It need not be extremely hot out, but if it is, so much the better. Besides, it’s a sensually pleasant experience (note sensual, not necessarily sensuous). If you’re a guy you’re normally pretty limited in terms of being able to strip down to a minimum of apparel on a hot day, what with today’s fashion expectations. But if you’re lucky enough to live near a nudist/naturist facility you can go there and strip all the way down. Everyone’s equal, men and women, rather than just the latter baring thighs and midriffs for the former to look at.

*“Nudist” means the facility requires you to be nude weather permitting.
“Naturist” = “clothing optional”.

What are you talking about? Stable? Show off? Explain.

I don’t think Sage Rat is coming back here.

Which is probably best, as he noted in his first posting that he was imagining what happens at nudist camps.

I believe (and a fair body of evidence supports that belief) that social nudity which involves all age groups is very beneficial for body acceptance and also tends to foster healthier and safer attitudes towards sex.

And I have spent time at AANR (American Association for Nude Recreation) -associated facilities before.

It sounds to me like he was imagining things about pedophiles, also.

I just thought of another aspect to this. Obviously clothes aren’t bad, but for most of this country (the US), those of us defending or advocating outdoor and social nudity probably wouldn’t bother so much if the opportunities for it weren’t so limited. In Los Angeles County, for example, I am not aware of a single landed* club where you are allowed to go and strip down for the great outdoors. Think about it: it’s one of the warmest sections of the country, and there’s not one little piece of land where that can be done without fear of arrest. The standard-bearer for the western part of the County, Elysium, lost their property years ago and have joined the will-o-the-wisp ranks of the travel** clubs.

Except for Black’s in San Diego, there’s not one single legal nude beach in all of Southern California. Really, it makes me angry if I think about it too much. Would it be too much to have one beach for every county? Apparently so. It’s interesting that continental Europeans have such a more tolerant attitude. I think when you live in a democratic society which formerly was under centuries of oppressive, autocratic rule, you have a better appreciation of personal freedom and don’t tend to try to control the behavior of others.

*Landed club=“nudist camp” in popular parlance. They own or lease property and usually have a swimming pool and other amenities. They usually welcome non-members on payment of a day fee.

*Travel club=they agree to be nude among each other but don’t have a place to do it. I still don’t quite understand how or what they do. If they meet in somebody’s house, well, I can be nude in my own house if I want.

How do you spot the blind man at a nudist colony? …Well, it’s not hard.

It’s funny, I had pretty much the opposite experience at canoe camps in central Ontario. They weren’t intended to be nudist camps, but once we were out of base camp the clothes came off. Nude canoeing, nude cooking, nude everything. Being that it was co-ed, it was a teenage boys dream but you got used to it.

The bugs, though, dead God they could be unbelievable. I was in mosquito swarms so bad I saw adults crying. But out on the open water or on an open (as opposed to wooded) campsite, you could go nekkid comfortably.

Mostly, the experience was free of skeeviness, except for the beginning. The first time I went up there, all the 13 year-old boys and girls on my trip were encouraged to go skinnydipping by our leader, a man in his forties who was very fond of his camera. I bet he has a photo library to this day that could send him to prison.

Try that in 95% of the locations I remember, and you’d regret it, is all I can say. There were times I was longing for a mesh head-net - I actually tried it once, but it reduced visibility and was hot.

Maybe out on the water with a good breeze blowing, you could go nude; not so much on land, where the bush was thick. Maybe in certain selected spots, with plenty of wind and no bush.

I read somewhere that nothern Canada has the worst (as in the most) biting bugs on earth - they just don’t carry Malaria and the like, much. Dunno if that is true but it doesn’t seem improbable.


So that takes Canada off my list of places to move when the USA implodes upon itself.

Out of curiosity, how did the nudist camp respond to people who were obese, handicapped, or just different? I can’t imagine that someone with psoriasis or a missing butt cheek or something would feel comfortable in a nudist camp but I don’t know that anyone would even look twice so that discomfort may be unfounded.

That would be most of them. Nudist camps are not really great places to ogle people unless you really get off on pot bellies and saggy tits. My mom had a iron-shaped scar on her belly from an abusive ex husband.

As others have pointed out, they tend to be more, rather than less, accepting of people with different body types. Only a tiny number of human beings are perfect. Clothes are a way to hide imperfections. But when everyone is flawed, no one is.

My memories were as a child in the 1960s. The world is a very different place now, and I’m sure a huge percentage of nudists now have all sorts of adornments - tattoos, piercings, body jewelry, etc. But the place we went was a very family-oriented place.

Which is a good point, since ogling people isn’t really the reason people go there. In my experience, from having made a few visits to Elysium in the past, is it’s just the same as people on the street or in the supermarket, except they’re not wearing anything. I assume most of us, in our everyday lives, don’t look at everyone on the street and think how obese they are. A lot of people could stand to lose ten or fifteen pounds, or to gain them, but in general we don’t think about it.