How do men in Nudist camps avoid erections?

I’d be walking about with a constant stiffy I think.

Why should they try to avoid sporting wood?

The whole point of nudism is that it’s natural, and there is no reason to be ashamed of your anatomy, regardless of the hardness/flacidity thereof.

You get a stiffy when you see naked people because you don’t see it often, and when you do, it’s in a sexual context.

Someone staying at a nudist camp sees naked people all the time in a non-sexual context. After a while you get used to it, the association of nudity with titillation goes away.

After all, there are/were stone-aged tribes in Aftica where the people are essentailly naked all the time. If you’re used to it and surrounded by it constantly, it’s no big deal.

Or to look at it another way: there are also cultures where any show of female flesh at all is taboo and shocking. Where I live, women can walk around with their ankles (and more) exposed freely, and it’s no problem. It’s all having to to with what you’re used to and what you’ve been habitually exposed to.

So would they mind if I jacked off at the breakfast table?

Yes. Would you mind if stripped down naked at the hotel you were ataying at and started masterbating? They are places where you are free from the confinments of cloths not of moral judgment.

From what I’ve heard, at nudist camps walking around with an erection is frowned upon, and public masturbation or sex would get you kicked out. Nudity does not imply any behavior is acceptable.

No one has really answered the OP’s question. Sometime, through no fault of our own, we men can get an erection just like that.

Therefore, what tricks do men in those nudist camps stop an erection before it starts?

Maybe they picture Janet Reno naked?

Well, the first three days are the hardest.

If you think you’re going to go to a nudist camp and see a bunch of nubile young seductresses, you’re sadly mistaken. It’s generally people of all ages there (so I’ve heard), and any stiffy you get from seeing a nubile young seductress is going to go away real quick when you see some wrinkled old grandma with sagging breasts :eek:!

I imagine nudists aren’t so judgemental about body and older bodies as non-nudists are. I bet enlightened nudist grandpa finds “wrinkled old grandma” just as appealing than younger women. I like to think so anyway!

Do ya need a rim shot there, mike? :smiley:

I used to camp at the Russian River and only went to the nude beaches with my gf of the moment and other acquaintances. Once my gf spied a guy walking down the trail masturbating (the guy was doing it, you jerk-offs) and started screaming PERVERT at him; then she picked up some rocks and threw bean-balls at him until he fled in panic. So no, it is not considered good form and my gf wasn’t a tourist, she owned a house there. At a nude beach you do such things at your own risk.

why do people goto Nudist camps in the first place?
Why would anyone raised in today’s society have a problem with clothing?

Some people are scared of pockets.


Don’t forget underpants!

I bet untamed pubic hair doesn’t bother a nudist either. Letting it all hang out and all.

exposed ankles… mmmmm.

covers crotch with book

No, that wouldn’t work b/c people who commit suicide sometimes leave corpses with erect penises.

plus, gay men might just get more turned on…

Just go to your room, tent or rest room stall and take care of your problem. You should be good to go for 20 minutes or so.