Nudists, some curious questions I have.

I see a lot of nudists going on about “communing with nature”. Okay, don’t bugs bite? A LOT, when one is naked? Don’t tree branches scratch when you’re hiking?

And ladies, if you’re well endowed like I am, how do you play volleyball? Do the “no clothing, no exceptions” rules take into consideration the need for suport and comfort?

And last, but certainly not least, ummmmmmm, sorry to be so indelicate, but what about sitting down places with no underwear on to keep things tidy (meaning not leaving behind natural moisture) so to speak?

Sorry, I haven’t come tohelp with the question, but to add another, if I may.

What does one do about useful stuff lke keys, handkerchiefs, and so on? And I could imagine that riding a bicylce might be less than comfortable.

I’m not a nudist, but I expect they use bug spray, just like the rest of us. I would guess they hike only on well cleared trails, and probably put down a towel if they need to sit on anything (I know I would, nothing worse than sticking to a chair on a hot day!). No idea about the volleyball, maybe the well endowed women sit out? As for carrying things, a fanny pack or small bag would do the trick. I don’t know about bike riding, I wear bike shorts when I do it.

I did an “Ask the Naked Guy That Has His Clothes On At the Moment” thread a couple of months ago - you’ll get some additional information there. But as to the specific questions:

Sure, bugs bite. That’s what bugs do - they bite. We wear bug spray just like we wear sun screen - EVERYWHERE.

There “clothing optional” rules mean that clothing is permitted when the circumstances call for it: cool weather, a medical condition, or similar circumstances. I’ve seen women who are hugely endowed playing volleyball without bras, so evidently that isn’t a concern. And I mean HUGELY endowed.

The first rule of nudism: CARRY A TOWEL TO SIT ON. It is considered very, very rude to just plop down anywhere without a towel, and it generally isn’t done.

And, yes, fanny packs come in very handy when you don’t have any pockets.

Anymore questions? I’ll be at the pool tomorrow, naked as the day I was born, soaking up the sun and playing backgammon. I’ve got a bright yellow towel and a UVa ball cap. Come by and say “hello,” but please wait 'til I finish my turn. We play some cut-throat backgammon.

Are they still called “nudist camps”? Also, at one of these facilities do they have gyms and, if so, do people there work out naked?

I guess they could be called “nudist camps” if camping is available - and it usually is (not in all cases, but in most). The resort I go to has three pools, a hot tub, three rooms you can rent overnight, about 20 camping sites, two bath houses, about 30 RV sites, a meeting hall that can accomodate about 200 people very comfortably, a dozen or so single family homes, two pavillions for cook-outs, a paddle tennis court, several game rooms (pool tables, ping pong, darts), a library, TV room, massage therapy suite, and a gym. The gym is pretty well appointed - about 5 LifeCycles, free weights, and a couple of multi-station weight racks. It isn’t a set-up like a health club, more like one you’d find at a nice apartment complex.

Yes, people work out naked.

My apologies… no A’s, just another Q.

What is the deal with erections and their acceptance amongst nudists. It is inevitable that a male will become aroused at some point during his naturist experiences, if purely by accident. So I was just wondering if there was an unspoken code for dealing with this. Is it accepted and attention not drawn? Or is it deemed unacceptable? Which I would see as a bit of a double-standard (You can be naked, but only if you’re body confirms to the right shape) :confused:

(above) Confirms = conforms

I’ve made this point before, but it bears repeating. Being in a socially nude atmosphere is not a particularly erotic experience. You have to completely separate “nudity” from “sexuality.” That being said, sure men get erections - it happens. In general, they’re ignored and they go away.

If the first rule of social nudism is “Sit on a towel,” the second rule is “No sexual activity in public.” The quickest way to get thrown out of nearly any resort, or shunned at any beach, is start some sort of overt sexual activity. Of course, there are a few places that cater to alternative sexual lifestyles that don’t frown on it, but they are few in number.

Long story short (if you’ll pardon the pun) - erections aren’t a problem. It is a natural body function and is viewed as such.

I’ve never gone to a “nudist camp,” but I do go to several neo-pagan gatherings which are “clothing optional.” And I am a well endowed (36 DD) woman.

Strangely enough, while I HAVE to wear a bra for comfort in “real life,” I find it’s not so needed when I’m at gathering. Maybe 'cause there’s no stairs, no high cabinets, no running to catch the bus - it’s just not that uncomfortable. If I was to play volleyball, I’d probably put on a sports bra or tie a bandana or halter around my breasts to keep them bound for comfort. The worst part about being well-endowed and topless is actually being around a campfire. The nipples get hot and burn before the rest of me is close enough to get warm! Holding my hands or forearms in front of my nipples helps, as does the “pagan rotisserie”: turning slowly around the fire.

And yes, sunscreen and bug spray are a must. I use a natural bug spray I make myself, but I haven’t found a natural sun screen I trust yet. Any recommendations? (I have very fair skin and lots of pre-cancerous moles, so I don’t like to risk getting burned one bit.)

Most of us carry quad chairs with us if we’re planning on sitting, as sitting on the ground for long periods of time isn’t comfy naked or clothed once you’re past 25. And I’ll often wear a hippy skirt if I’m walking in the woods, because sitting on a log without a cloth is…well…no funner than you’d imagine.

And I know it’s hard to believe, but there’s nothing sexy about most folks wandering around in their altogether. Actually, it’s those who are covered up that I more often feel sexual attraction to. (Never underestimate the power of the imagination!) I’ve never spotted an erection at a clothing optional event, so if they do happen (as I trust plnnr, who I think is male, would know best), apparently they aren’t too difficult to deal with or hide, 'cause it’s never bothered me or any of my beautiful female friends.

I’d estimate that during a week-long festival, I’m in some state of nudity about 1/3 of the time. There are those who are nude (some prefer the term, “skyclad,” but they’re a bit pretentious) the whole time, and those who change in their tent and wear clothes the entire time.

And I have to admit, seeing a 68 year old man wearing nothing but a fanny pack and hiking boots will put a smile on my face every time! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, I can’t help with a natural sunscreen. I use #4 Bain de Soleil at the beginning of the season and then skip it after a week or so (I know, I know - I’m killing myself with sun). I’ll look in the Naked News (actually, the Bulletin put out by the American Assoc. for Nude Recreation) and see what I can find in the classifieds.

Are there many attractive nudists, or are most nudists old people (ie 35+)?

There are certainly attractive nudists. They run the entire spectrum of people - all shapes, sizes, colors, conditions. I’ve seen stunningly, blindingly, freakishly beautiful people and I’ve seen…well, not so beautiful people. Mastectomy scars, amputees, colostomy bags (they have a flesh colored covering), scars from wounds of every description. You name it. Go to any beach, mall, or place where people congregate. Now, imagine them without clothes. That’s all there is to it.

And 35 isn’t old, you silly person.

well fine, are there many sub 35 people there? I’m not particularly interested in seeing people older than 35 naked.

George Clooney will be so disappointed. :rolleyes:

That said, IANAN. I’m not ashamed of my body (less than perfect tho’ it is) but I just haven’t had opportunity to visit a naturist society gathering. I could be wrong, but I believe the term “nudist colony” is somewhat outdated.

Whoever said nudists or naturists carry towels to sit on is spot-on. Most resorts don’t even allow you to sit anywhere unless you’re sitting on a towel. It’s considered poor form and unhygenic.

Honestly, I’d give it a go sometime. I consider clothes to be unbelievably restrictive at times, and it’d be cool to try something new. I wouldn’t be going to a naturist gathering to check out other naked bodies – I can do plenty of that on the internet, and during quiet gatherings with friends. :wink:

Another story, another time.

:dubious:shaking a finger disapprovingly at plannr :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahem Plenty of “old” 40somethings are very attractive, thankyouverymuch! Halle Berry (OK, she’ll be 38 in August), Brad Pitt, Demi Moore, Nicholas Cage, James Marsters - all “old folks” I’d love to see naked! :wink:

FTR, I’m 29 :smiley:

Where I’ve been, it tends to be the 0-7 and 25-40 year olds who are the most nude for the most time. There’s a time around pre-puberty when most kids would rather cover up (and frankly, us parents just sort of heave a sigh of relief at this point - it makes difficult conversations unneccesary.) and the older folks just seem sort of “been there, done that.” But there are some elders who still do nudity.

I feel so much better about my own body, my husband’s body and just everyone’s body in general since I got a good sense of what REAL people look like naked. Having a warped view of what the nude form “should look like” from the media is so difficult. When I grew to appreciate my own bumps and curves was when I met and loved other beautiful people of all shapes and sizes. And there’s some weird shapes out there! :eek:

I’m really glad that my son (who’s never been interested in the naked thing, himself) has a much better idea of what women (and men) really look like. He’s spotted some gorgeous obese women and told me how beautiful he thinks they are, as well as some supermodel types. I’m so happy he’s going to have a realistic and varied view of beauty. It’s much more likely that he’ll find a nice woman who is beautiful to him if he has a large pallate of what he considers beautiful, no?

And, if I’ve stirred a nest of vipers here, yes, there are children, yes, they must be supervised by a parent at all times, no, there’s no sexuality in public nudity and yes, the talk went something like this: “This is a place where it’s OK for people not to wear clothes. When we’re at home, we wear clothes. Here it’s safe not to wear clothes if you want. It’s not OK to touch anyone or to be touched in any way that wouldn’t happen with clothes on. Hugs and handshakes are OK as long as you feel OK. It’s probably best if you don’t bring this up at school. Yes, it’s OK to tell Grandma.”

I’m not a nudist, but I do know that people don’t go to nudist gatherings to see other people naked; they go there to be naked comfortably around other people who share the same attitude. Besides, at a typical beach you can see nearly all of a person naked, at any age, so the extra bits shouldn’t really matter if you’re interested in being a nudist, rather than scoping out attractive bods.

On a trip to Maui, my husband and I were walking up the western shore of the island, and came upon a nudist beach during our trip. We simply walked through without gawking, and without making undue haste. It really wasn’t a big deal.

Good point! I totally agree.

Then I’m sorry, but you’ll never be able to go to a nude beach, resort, or event hosted by a non-landed club. There are people over 35 at all of these events.

As was pointed out, the range runs from 0 - 100 (yes, I’ve seen a 100 year old person nude). A few more are older than 35, but that’s because they have the time and disposable income to travel.

Be prepared to spend half your adult life not getting much, then. :rolleyes: