ask the nudist.

I’m a nudist.
i am a member of lupin naturist club in los gatos, ca.
I don’t wear clothes at home.
When friends come over, I am naked.
Here’s your chance… ask the nudist.

Do you get burnt when you fry bacon ?

Do you have blinds on your windows ?

Do you get ay problems from neighbours ?

When somebody you don’t know comes to your door do you put a robe on ?

Do you drive in the nude?

If so, do you at least wear shoes?

Ever have any trouble in public (e.g. nude beaches) with erections and such?

What is your average wardrobe budget?

Do you dingle or do you dangle?

Umm…Los Gatos is only about 10 miles away…is there any chance we’ll be friends? :smiley:


<DoH> Just in case you’re not a woman, ignore my comments above :slight_smile:

So much for assuming things! I’m a :wally:'y boy!


How fast do they leave ?

Since I’m in Willow Glen, I think I have to see this for myself. What’s your address?

Uh, zuma, you’re, uh, like, uh, supposed to reply when you post one of these ‘ask’ thingies, or something.

Why don’t you put some clothes on? Do you get pubes all over the floor? Do you have hardwood floors or carpet? Are there ass prints on all of your chairs? Do you have any white furniture? Do you have to clean it often? Can you recommend a good upholstery cleaner?

Do you live in a house with a yard? If so, do you do your yard work in the nude? And can neighbors or passersby see into your yard?

Sue, if there’s a whole colony of em, and it’s co-ed, I’ll make that trip with you :slight_smile:


I’d join you two on that journey. Hey Sue… maybe Gawd would be the middle of our Sue cookie :wink:

Remember, I’ll only visit if it’s co-ed. I wouldn’t wanna be caught in a very uncomfortable position!

Now, a Sue cookie OTOH…that’s something to think about! :smiley:


Are you male or female? If female, aren’t you prone to infections? If male, aren’t you vulnerable to…collisions…with furniture and such? In either case, don’t you ever get cold?

Where do you carry your wallet and keys?

Assuming you’re male…

Do you ever get erections at inopportune times? If so, do you have a pre-scripted list of comments to go along e.g. “Hey, nice sweater…”)? Does seeing nude women all the time make intimate moments “less special”? Do you keep your penis all waxed up and shiny to impress the ladies?

Hmm…mebbe the name of this thread should be “ask the nudist (even tho you won’t get an answer!)”

I, too, like baring buns, but mostly just in the back yard. Mrs. ricepad and I have gone to some nude beaches, but we can’t seem to get the nerve to hit any clubs/resorts, even tho there’s one not too far away. In fact, I think proximity works against us, because we’re too afraid we’d see somebody we know there.

So the question, then, is…have you run into an outside acquaintance while at a club? If so, was it awkward, and how did you deal with it?

And if Female, do you leave “Snail-trails” on the naugehyde sofas and such? what kinda maintainence is required to keep your holiest in “presentation mode”?


Not that I’ll get a stinking answer or anything.