Does anybody else enjoy this?

Do anybody else enjoy just being naked. I am wondering because I do. I love not wearing clothes. When my roomates leave and I know that they won’t be around for a while I get naked. Even if they are around I will take a shower just so I can be naked. I also enjoy being naked with other people. One of my favorite times was when me one of my roomate and a girl we knew hung around her house naked. No sex just nudity. It was great we had nothing to hide so a whole bunch of stories just came out. I am pretty sure I am not a pervert about this. I usually get naked when I am alone or when someone else asks me to. I make sure the blinds are down. If I am in a large group and someone asks I get a majority vote before the full monty. Well if there are any other nudists out there stand up and be counted.

If I am at home, I am naked. Unless people are visiting. I have been doing this ever since I got my own place years ago. I sort of acclimated my husband to it and now, he is the same way! I’m not sure what we will do when we have kids…

I love being nude, but only if I’m by myself, which in this house, never happens. :frowning:

I, too, enjoy just lounging around nude. I work nights, so I can afford to lay around all day long nekkit, until people come home from work. It’s glorious :slight_smile:


Psst-Evilbeth…I think you just got bumped up a notch on my Laminated card, but expect to have to fight for it :smiley: I think there’s a hefty catfight going on!

Ah-ha! So there is an order? BTW, I can scrap when it comes to something I want! Meow!

Quote from Drew Carry>>>>>>

‘If you don’t have a good body, cover it the f**k up’.

I live this philosophy.

I just got home from work and turned on the computer. I didn’t bother to undress first, but after reading your post, I realized that I am very uncomfortable.

(Peels off uniform shirt, t-shirt, bra, pants, panties, socks)

I feel so much better now. Thanks, etgaw1.

Two words for ya, dude…

Fire Island.

I like to get naked too.

I certainly don’t have a chiseled, ripped body, but too freekin’ bad.

Naked is good.

You are very welcome. Enjoy yourself.

I live alone, and my cats don’t mind, so yes, I spend a lot of time nekkid too. Either totally naked or just in my little white cotton undies.

This thread reminds me of the good naked/bad naked Seinfeld episode.

I love being naked.
At home I like to lounge around in just a robe, or just my boxers, I sleep nude, and I post nude (except when I’m at work).

Clothes make me a bit uncomfortable when trying to relax.

Dewt LOVES to be nekkid…he can sit here and post sans clothing, sleeps nude, could probably live his whole life nude…

I, on the other hand, was blessed by the goddess of stretch marks while pregnant and will no longer even wear a bikini (stretch marks start at the knees, end at my neck) in public.

mini-dewt, who is 4, peels his clothes off in the blink of an eye, and has even been known to do this in the front yard and to moon passing cars…obviously he is his fathers’ son.

psst…can you spare a sig?

I’m naked right now.

Hope my boss doesn’t come in.

I am usually naked or nearly so at home. hubby wears just his sting bikini undies which are more confortable for him than being nude.

I feel alot more normal now thank guys.

Any more naked people and we almost have engough for the first Nudest Dopefest. To bad we are proable spread all over the country :frowning:

Oh well I know how I look just hanging out (yeah that works better than i thought), so I will leave my imagination alone. You are all beautiful naked people. Of Course I think that anybody naked is beautiful.
Naked rules.

I like being naked. I sleep that way. I can get away with his now, but I’ll probably have to cover up when our daughter gets older. I don’t practice public nudity.

I read somewhere that Dolly Parton likes to walk nude through her private grounds. That thought makes me go into a Brain Freeze.

when i was in better shape i was naked a lot. nowadays i just go around in my robe or sometimes some boxers. it really depends on how hot i am. i still sleep naked though.
and you ladies, how about sending some proof of what you say. we could have an all nude people pages! yeah!

<inoci is smacked by so many hands…>

ohhh, Michi!
I think I’m starting to unravel…


Next stop: Hedonism in Jamaica. actually, a lot of the resorts have clothing-optional sections. I wasn’t gutsy enough, and I regret it.

Of course, I now also have stretch marks.