Childhood Valentine's Day Experiences

Yesterday my six-year old daughter celebrated Valentine’s Day with her other classmates. She had made her own valentine cards using construction paper, rubber stamps and colored inks. I made sure she made one card for each child in her class. She wisely started this project in mid-January to avoid having to make twenty-nine cards all in one night. Her teacher had told the class that if they wanted to exchange valentines with other classmates, they would have to give valentines to all of their classmates, not just some. This was to help avoid hurt feelings for those children not as popular as others.

It was a fun time for all, my daughter reported. The teacher brought in heart-shaped sugar cookies for the entire class. I was glad to hear it was handled well.

Would any of you like to share your childhood Valentine’s Day experiences here?

Welcome to the boards FairyDust :slight_smile:

As a kid we also had to bring Valentine’s cards for each student. Those who did not bring cards were generally not allowed to receive them as it was not fair. The teacher often received cool extra prezzies, but it was fun nonetheless.

IMHO, it would have been more fun to learn the history behind the holiday rather than have another excuse to shove sweeties in my gob and feel left out because I tended to receive fewer cards than everyone else for some odd reason :frowning:

Oh well.

Hope you had a nice one this year.

Thanks for the warm welcome, Washte.

Sorry to hear you didn’t receive as many cards as others did, for whatever reason. :frowning:

Sometimes stuff like that stays with a person years later. I’m glad my daughter’s teacher had the good sense to set the policy regarding exchanging valentines as she did.

My brother told me that one year his elementary school teacher not only had the traditional Valentine Cards Box where the kids stuffed it with cards and then the cards would be distributed, but then the teacher would announce which kid received the most cards and which kid received the least. I was floored when I heard that! What a totally insensitive and mean thing to do! And she was a teacher??!! Apparently she knew nothing about teaching compassion and understanding.

Yes, I agree. It would have been fun to learn the history about the holiday. Maybe my child will learn that in class next year. Oh, what the heck. I can pull up the information online and together she and I can learn about it.


I recall Valentines day as a youngster. Our class would tape those brown paper lunch bags, with our names on them, on the tray underneath the chalkboard. We would deposit our valentine greetings sometime during the school day. That, and we could slip some candy into each bag. At the end of the day, we would open them and read our valentines.