Children's books: web site where I can shop by age range or reading level?

I am in need of help finding books for Christmas for a nine year old and a six year old. Both read above their grade level, and love books, but I am not sure what books are appropriate for what reading levels or age ranges.

Is there a web site that will enable me to shop by age range or (preferably) reading level?

So if I were looking for books for a nine-year-old or 4th-grader who reads at a 6th-grade level it would suggest a batch of books to me.

Does such a thing exist?

I know Barnes & Noble does, and I feel pretty sure Amazon does as well. If you do a search for YA fiction, or children’s fiction, it will bring up some options on the left hand side that let you narrow your search.

You might check the website of their elementary school. Our school has an Accelerated Reader list of books sorted by grade level. The kids can get points for reading books on the list.

Give this website a shot. The advanced search lets you search based on interest level, book level, and even different literary award lists.

You might also look at the What Kids are Reading report for book ideas (it’s broken down by grade).

Thanks, everyone, I’m following those leads!

I also discovered the Scholastic website which has a “leveled search” feature.