Children's Dictionary

I was hoping someone out there can help me. I need a simple dictionary for my 7 year.

I can find lots of dictionaries that seem reasonable for American spellings but we are Canadian (and colour is spelled with a ‘u’ here for example).

Any teachers or parents offer some insight?

Do you use all the same spellings as the British do, or only some of them?

If you do use most or all of them would a British English dictionary work for you?

We use the same spellings but not the same pronunciation. Mind you, I think the pronunciation is moot at her age, any way…

We use a blend of the two systems actually. We’re a strange lot.

I’m not really sure how smart a 7 year old is and what’s to stop him or her from using a regular dictionary, but the Student’s Oxford Canadian Dictionary is targeted to the 14+ age range, so it might be suitable for your daughter. There’s a kids version calledMy First Canadian Oxford Dictionary which might be more appropriate.