Chili size

Huh. The bump basically repeats what runner pat posted in post #2.

But it’s always good to be reminded of chili sizes! :smiley:

Maybe I’ll make one this weekend, if I get around to it.

I voted no, but I knew I’d read about them before, either here or Wikipedia, and forgotten what the term means.

I have an interest in finding out factual information about the term size as it relates to the dish from Los Angeles.

Almost certainly Thomas DeForest(Ptomaine Tommy) invented the term/dish. But, in his own words, it had nothing to do with the size of a ladle.

In an interview with him in 1958, when he was 67 or so, he said it was a customer who saw him eating the concoction, made for himself, and asked for one, and Tommy said “What size, sandwich or steak?”

From the mouth of the inventor. Probably invented somewhere in the 1925-1930 period.

I didn’t even notice this was a zombie. We’ve had polls for that long?

You raise an interesting point! Maybe somebody will take it on as a project to identify the first SDMB poll! Or at least get a good count on how many there have been. I know I have started (or been in on starting with somebody else’s help) at least 30, and it could be twice that. And I have participated in at least that many more. And I’m sure I have seen, but not bothered with, a similar number. So, ballpark guess, there must be at least 100 polls by now, in the format we’re used to seeing these days.

Never heard of it. I figured it had something to do with eHarmony.

Yep. Polling in Cafe Society according to this thread (and, coincidentally, reported by you) has been around since round abouts October 7, 2009. Polling in IMHO started some time before September 25 of that year.

For some reason, the poll is showing that I voted on this and said “no.” Yes, I see it’s a thread from last year, but I know what chili size is and I knew then too. Polls go wonky for me sometimes, telling me I’ve already voted when I have not. My answer is "Yes, I’m familiar with them; but they’re not called that here."

I voted “other,” because I heard the term all the time when I was a kid but never knew what it was. I always thought it was a stupid term, and haven’t heard it in years (hence the reason I’ve never googled it).

I have never heard of a chili size. If you were to ask me, I’d say, “Chili size what?” All I’ve ever heard of is a chili burger. Or chili cheeseburger if it has cheese.

For the story of CHILI SIZE, see

Do zombies eat chili? What size?

Makes a great story, without any basis in fact. There was NO ladle involved. We did this dance back earliler this year. You’re relying on the “Fred Beck” story which you already posted seven months ago. It’s just Fred’s memory. I’ll still stick with my seven month old post quoting Deforest himself.