Chili size

Do you know what a chili size is?

The story of the chili size.

ETA-Where did that poll come from?

I grew up with them, eating them since I was a little kid.

This is the first I’ve heard of it.

New to me, too.

I’ve only ever heard of putting chili on hot dogs.

For Option 3:

Here is the oldest Chili Size thread I found

In which I ask about the origin of the name. All those years eating them, and never wondering how they came to be!

I was wondering how you answered like two seconds after I posted the poll!

It seems to be a delay between the thread posting and the poll opening up.

Well, the second thread linked invalidates my claim that this is the first I heard of it. Apparently, it’s the second time I heard of it, the first being 12/15/05.

Sounds like a very regional thing, so us midwesterners will discover it in 20 years or so.

I loved fish tacos when I was in La Jolla 15 years ago… they are now somewhat common here.

I’ll have a 4-way bean, please.


I wanted to answer that I had heard of it/them at the Dope, but I couldn’t remember details of what I had “read” about it/them. So for purposes of accuracy I went with “don’t know.”

Chili on burgers in LA has been around for a lot more than 15-20 years. If it’s not out to you yet, I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting.

The original site.

Well chili on burgers I’ve heard of (and loved!) my whole life, as far as I know. But I never heard of no “chili size.”

Denny’s restaurants used to have chili size on the menu, and it was my favoritest thing ever. Then they dropped it, along with my other favorite, the patty melt.

Every night just before I go to sleep, I take a moment to eternally curse the offspring of everyone associated with Denny’s. Is that a bit over the top?

I’ve never heard of chili size. I thought this would be about growing peppers.

Not at all. A proper chili size, with lots of cheese and onions, is worth fighting for.

Patty melts, too.