What's the best canned chili for a chili size?

Since this thread was resurrected, I thought I might make a chili size. I tend to look for non-bean chili, but for the ‘size’ beans were always traditional.

So what brand of chili should I use?

CANNED chili?

What is wrong with you!!!??

Dude, we’re talkin’ a chili size; not a bowl of chili! Anyway, it’s too late to get to Ptomaine Tommy’s.

Just funnin’ you a bit before silenus comes in here screaming about the beans. :smiley:

Oh, I know. I saw the fine print. :wink:

But you know, sometimes ya just gotta have canned.

Stagg. Only one I bother with these days.

I’m a displaced Texan, raised on Wolf Brand. Reluctantly switched to Hormel upon arrival in Chicago. Until I found Chilli Man. Goofy spelling, comes from downstate Illinois . . . but pretty tasty chili. Never any beans in mine, of course. And I don’t even bother to bring back Wolf Brand from trips to Texas any more.

Also a displaced Texan here. (Howdy to ya, Mr. Downtown!!!) FYI: Wolf Brand Chili is now available in Chicago. Both Jewel & Dominick’s. I bought it for the first time in (mumble mumble) years recently. I found it way better than Hormel and the other canned chilis. No beans of course.

ETA: Still nowhere as good as my homemade chili. :slight_smile:

“Ptomaine Tommy”? What the fuck?

I used to eat Denison’s when I was much younger, but couldn’t tell you if it’s any good (or even if it’s still made) now. Whatever you do, don’t go with that sewage plant discharge called Nalley’s.

Ptomaine Tommy’s.

If I’m just going to eat chili, I’ll make it myself… with beans.
But sometimes you want to just have some hotdogs and buns in the house for a quick meal, and a good can of beanless chili would make those hotdogs much better, so I’m watching this thread.

But I don’t understand what you mean by “‘size’ beans” and “chili size”.

See this thread for what a chili size is, and where they came from. Basically, it’s an open-faced chili burger. Ptomaine Tommy used a bowl-of-chili-sized ladle for this item, as opposed to a hamburger-sized ladle for a chili burger.

It’s not ‘size beans’. It’s ‘For a chili size, the chili usually contains beans.’

I’ve never seen Chilli Man or Wolf. It seems I’m always disappointed by Stagg. I know I’ve had Nally’s in the past year or two. I didn’t think it was ‘sewage plant discharge’, but then I knew it was canned chili going in. I can’t remember the last time I had Dennison’s or Hormel.

I really should make my own chili, but there are so many recipes that it’s hard to choose which one to try. For homemade, no beans. I know that much. I really liked the chili from Tito’s Tacos in Culver City. Meat in red sauce. That’s it.

But for a chili size, I need canned. A chili size should have that ‘diner taste’, which might be difficult with homemade chili. (Yes, I know that many diners make their own chili.) Also, a chili size is a quick meal. Fry a burger, toast the bun, heat a can of chili.

Perhaps Nallys has improved their product. It’s been so long since I had canned chili, I’m out of touch. I didn’t care for Staggs or that Wolf stuff when I tried them, but it’s been quite a number of years.

The store had three brands of chili: Stagg, Hormel, and Nally. I got a can each of the Stagg and Hormel. The photo on the front of the non-bean Nally reminded me that it’s probably not what I want.

I decided I’d make shrimp stir-fry for dinner tonight, so I’ll have to go to the store again. I’ll go to the more upscale store (good meat and seafood selection) and see what kind of chili they have.

Wolf. Definitely Wolf.

See what happens when it’s a tournament weekend? People get away with mentioning beans and chili in the same sentence.

Who in their right mind would use the name of a kind of food poisoning as their brand name?

There is at least one grocery store in Idaho that sells Wolf Brand, and it’s only about 15 miles from my house. While I am not a native Texan, I did spend about ten years of my childhood there and I have family connections going back about a hundred years. In other words, I grew up on the stuff. Ever since I first spotted it, I always have a can or two around. Way better than the other stuff I can find up here. I really should ask why they have it at all; all I can figure is that there must be some expat Texans up here who asked for it, and I just got lucky.

Though…I kinda like it with beans as well. Yes, the unholy bean. I know, I know. Sorry.

I simply would never use canned chili in anything. It is fraudelent. Any size should be made with genuine and unique chilli… the shame is that the original taste of the chili size is probbly so watered down an non-traditional that anything goes (like dub chili).