Chili in a can: have you ever used it for anything but hot dogs?

I’ve mixed it with velveeta a couple times to make a dip, but that’s it. Every other time I’ve used it, it’s gone on hot dogs. I wasn’t even aware that it was supposed to be “chili” as in the stuff you make on the stove and eat as a meal for the longest time, because when I was growing up my mom always just called it hot dog chili. Does anyone ever actually just eat this stuff out of a bowl, or use it in other ways?

Don’t read this if you plan to stay on topic:

Please don’t bother responding just to say “I wouldn’t even put that on a hot dog!” or similar. I’m well aware of the amount of food and chili snobs we have here. You don’t have to make your presence known in every thread.

I rather like Denisons Chilli (especially the hot kind), personally. Oh, I like the way my wife makes it better, but for a prepared food it’s edible enough IMHO.


Right out of the can into a bowl?

I like Wolf brand chili–homemade is better, but you can doctor it up with a little sharp cheddar and red wine vinegar. It’ll do in a pinch.

I have a chili recipe that’s fantastic but it is a fairly involved process and takes awhile. For that reason, if I want it quick and all the prep really isn’t an option then yeah, I’ll open the storebought. I do though insist on using one of a few tried and true brands (it’s in a jar actually) and I’ll at least brown a bunch of venison or pork or something to add to it.

Sure. Sometimes I just can’t be bothered to make a scratch batch. I keep Dennison’s Hot (No Beans) and Stagg Steakhouse in the pantry all the time. A can gets poured onto a bag of Fritos for Frito Pie. Or heated with a bunch of chopped onions and a couple of chopped jalapenos for a quick meal in front of the computer. It’s not something I’d live on, but I can’t make real chili every week!

I’ve eaten it simply as chili a few times, though it’s not really “chili” in my mind, but “extra concentrated umami fat sauce” or something along those lines. Usually, it’s used for homemade chili cheese fries, though, because you cannot make those properly with good chili. It’s got to be canned.

Sure, though I’d prefer some cheese and some corn bread to go along with it. But yeah…I’ve eaten it right out of the can and it tastes fine to me.


We just had Frito Pie recently, got that craving. But yeah, my husband likes Hormel chili, open can, dump in bowl, nuke - eat. I make a decent homemade chili but canned chili is a convenience.

Lunch at work. There is no leaving of the premises at all and while we have a semi-full kitchen ( stove, fridge, microwave ), some days you just forget to bring anything or are too rushed to pick anything up. On such days an emergency stash of cans o’ some crap comes in handy. Soup in its various canned incarnations and chili. Usually Stag’s purchased by the flat at Costco, actually.

I don’t eat it often. But I do eat it when necessity calls. Not so bad, really.

Actually, I vaguely remember one time eating it right out of a can heated on an engine block. Ah, good [del]gas[/del] times.

Oh, I forgot about Stagg. That stuff is actually pretty good and a reasonable substitute for homemade. I was eating it fairly often a couple years ago before I realized it had . . . consequences.

I cook ground beef, onions and garlic and add to canned chili, usually Hormel. I haven’t used it in a while, though. It isn’t much more work to buy the beans, tomato sauce and seasoning.

Main use here is to mix it with Mexican Velveeta and nuke from orbit to make a wonderfully tasty and tacky dip.

Yeah, I melt some Kraft American cheese slices in it and eat from the bowl. It’s edible.

Over white rice or for a quick heuvos rancheros for breakfast, it’ll do just fine.

You have never used fried mozarella sticks to dip up canned chili?

Try it. It’s good.

Non-vegetarians can use chili-with-meat and chicken nuggets.

Hot dog chili is something different from eatin’ chili (e.g. this as opposed to this)—it doesn’t have beans or anything else chunky, often comes in a smaller can, and is labeled something like “Coney Sauce” or “Chili Sauce.”

Yes, I’ve been known to eat canned chili. It’s a great convenience food. I’ve also mixed it with rice for a quick, convenient meal. And then there’s my former girlfriend’s recipe for chili mac, perhaps the ultimate in cheezy, junky comfort food: make a batch of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese (specifically, the spiral kind) according to the instructions on the box, then dump in a can of chili (specifically, Chilli Man chili) and stir.

It works well as a quick-and-dirty alternate way of making sloppy joes. Just heat and dump on toasted bread/bun.
It’s also good enough for camping trips, particulary Stagg Chicken Chili which mandates sleeping outside after the dutch ovening stops being funny.

Another chili mac fan.

Great camping food.