How do you like you chili-dogs?

Promoted by this thread and by a recent discussion at a family gathering.

How do you like your chili-dogs? Go into as much or as little detail as you like but for purposes of this thread, chili-dogs essentially fall into one of two categories.

1 – Some people overload toppings onto their chili-dog to the point where you must use plate and fork (and maybe a bib) to eat them.

2 – Some people lightly top their chili-dogs enabling them to be consumed by picking them up and eating them like a regular dog.

Assume you’re at home or in some other circumstances where either option is open to you, what’s your pleasure.

Speaking just for myself, I am very firmly in the first category. Load them up and pass the napkins!

I voted “Just a spoonful” because that way I can add onions and cheese and still eat the dog out of hand. Kosher dog, toasted bun, stripe of mustard, layer of Wolf, chopped onions, finely shredded cheese.

If the thing becomes too messy to eat with your hands, you just might as well cook the hot dogs with the chili and serve both in a bowl.

Really, polls like this should be public so we know who to shun when in polite society. :smiley:

Maybe a bread bowl?

Do what I do, shun everyone.:stuck_out_tongue:

Hot dogs should be eaten out of hand. If you’re using a knife and fork you’re eating chili with bread and a hot dog in it.

That being said I want enough chili on my dog that some squishes out when i take a bite.

If I’m eating a Coney, ladel it on and I’ll use a fork. If I’m eating a chili dog, just enough to cover the dog so as I can still eat it with my hands.

It’s a fine line.

Either way is fine but there must be diced, fresh onion on top, preferably a sweet onion and lots of it.

In a drive-in/eat-in-car situation I prefer less chili due to the mess/cleanup factor. In a sit-down situation I’m happy with a lot of chili, and of course lots of chopped onions either way. And maybe some Fritos Scoops on the side.

A good amount of chili, raw onions and what’s a hot dog without yellow mustard?

I thought this was going to be a question about condiments, to which I say “with onions and mustard.” I’m not really much of a chili dog person, but I voted the second option. Definitely not overflowing.

I’ve never actually had one that could be eaten out of hand, and I love adding additional stuff to it. And that means I need a fork, so I picked the first option.

That doesn’t mean I’m not open to the idea, though. It just isn’t how I’ve ever found them when I’ve ordered them.

Onions are gross. I will take mine with shredded cheese though.

More chili is better but it gets to be a mess with too much.

I’m on team ‘spoonful’ but that’s not really accurate. It would take probably 3 or 4 of what I’d call a spoonful to properly dress the dog. A ladle is way too much.

To finish it off, I’ll also add some sharper-than-sweeter chopped onion, maybe a little mustard (depends on the chili) and something for spice like giardiniera or sport peppers or even nacho rings in a pinch.

Edit: no cheese on mine, please. It gets lost in the other strong flavors.

It depends on whether I want a lot of chili and to eat it with a knife and fork, or whether I want just a little chili and to eat it out of hand.

Really, there’s no debate here. No right or wrong. Purely a matter of circumstance and personal preference at each chili dog-eating occasion.

Double cheese and just enough chili so it can be eaten like a hot dog.

However, putting it in a bowl and eating with a spoon is kinda fun too.

Yeah, I can eat them either way. I’d rather be able to hold the chili dog, but there must be onions.

I sort of think that a chili dog is already too much of a good thing. I like hot dogs. I like chili (and have a great recipe). They’re each great on their own, but not as good together. And the chili would make the bun soggy; I don’t like soggy bread.

I wonder if I should revive the “foods that are better plain” thread to include chili dogs.

I sometime go to Pinks, they make a great chili dog. But they have nice dogs, with natural casing/skin. So I usually order 1 or 2 plain with mustard, and then one with Chili and cheese. The chile doesnt cost more, it is standard. It’s more of a chile sauce there, than something you’d eat from a bowl.

Wouldn’t a “plain chili dog,” by the lights of that thread, be a simple naked hot dog in a roll? Or maybe no roll?

I wouldn’t want bread soggy with water. Bread soggy with coffee might be all right if I was in a weird mood at the breakfast table. If it’s soggy with good chili, hot sauce, and a frank…pass me that knife and fork.