Hot dogs: what do you like on em

Figured this logically went along with the hamburger thread :slight_smile: I can eat em just about any way. Also I love substituting cocktail sauce for ketchup, gives it a zing.

Just about anything except ketchup.

I’ll just note that in my area one of the popular toppings is cole slaw. To each his own, but that one I just don’t get. Most pre-purchaes cole slaw is pretty crappy by itself, so why you’d want to ruin a hot dog with it is a puzzle.

That is weird. BBQ, OK, but a hot dog?

Nothing. Hot dog and a bun.

Or nacho cheese sauce and jalapeños and pickles (my usual way).

Or chili, shredded cheese, and onions.

Or sauerkraut and mustard.

one of two ways:

  • ketchup and (hot) mustard, or
  • Coney-style.

The traditional Chicago style with some lettuce.

Most anything but ketchup or cheese, depending on how I’m feeling at the moment. I like the Chicago style, also; lots of things going on there that are good.

Every once in awhile I like em plain.

Cocktail sauce and hot mustard is my usual way though. I used to like relish but got away from it.

Chili n cheese is great but not as practical/easy/cheap to have around.

Depends on my mood. The basic dog at the ballpark will have mustard, relish and onions. A chilidog will have chili, cheese and onions. My dinner dog will be BBQ sauce, relish and onions. Anything but ketchup is OK, although I find the more extreme cases (fully dressed Chicago) to be rather outlandish.

I didn’t vote for “Other” but I’ll mention that I have gotten used to having mayonnaise sometimes. My wife has mayonnaise on everything! Even corn on the cob. As Daddy was wont to say, “You can get used to anything but a rock in your shoe.”

BBQ?? ewwwwwwww

Me too but they’re kinda fun to have once in blue moon. :slight_smile:

Sauerkraut & brown mustard.


-ketchup and mustard


-chili and cheese

I voted for all 4 but I would only eat them in those combinations. Ketchup and chili? Gross.

I hate relish and although I’m OK with onions, they give me nausea and headaches, so I have to avoid them everywhere, not just on hot dogs.

Chili and cheese. I used to like ketchup, but not so much any more.

Mustard (spicy brown OR yellow–nothing fancy), a little bit of ketchup (not much–don’t want to drown out the flavor of the dog), celery seed (yeah, celery salt’s traditional but hot-dogs really don’t need that much extra salt and I like the flavor) and chopped (red, ideally) onion.

Other. Sauerkraut.

Mustard and relish. Maybe sauerkraut. Or maybe chili and cole slaw.

Unless you dislike this kind of thing in general, I suggest trying a hot mustard, esp a sweet n hot. And the cocktail sauce instead of ketchup.

Other: Carolina style - mustard, slaw and chili…all the way is with onions. I like them with or without the onions, just depends on where I am and who I’m with. In my opinion this is the absolute best hot dog ever! If there is no mustard, slaw and chili available, I will just use mustard and ketchup. If mayo is available, I want that too.