Tastiest canned soup (and beans, chili, veg, etc.)?

Discourse’s equivalent to Paper Clip Man noted that I posted a thread asking this question in 2011. :roll_eyes:

Well, that was 10 years ago, so I think I’ll be bold and ask the question again. There are likely some new products, and some of the old faves have slipped. Campbell’s Chunky Sirloin Burger is not what it was. What ARE those little patties, anyway? Don’t answer!

I know homemade soup is easy to do; I do it often. But I’m thinking of people/situations where it’s only possible to heat something up. Or when all you want to do is heat something up.

I included canned beans in my question, because I tried a can of Allen’s Hoppin’ John, and it was surprisingly good.

Haven’t had Allen’s hoppin’ John, but I do like Margaret Homes’s version.

My favourite tinned soup is Campbell’s Chunky Grilled Sausage and Gumbo.

One the word “Jalapenos” or any similar pepper shows up on the front of a can, I wont bother. Heat is not taste.

Hormel Chili is very good. The no beans is great for chili-dogs.

Progresso used to have a fantastic lentil soup with andouille sausage, but of course they discontinued it.

Trader Joe’s Corn Poblano Chowder was really good for a canned soup, but I haven’t been able to find it in stores since around the beginning of the lockdowns. I don’t know if they aren’t doing it, or just by the time I can get into TJs it’s all gone. :slight_smile: I did also try their Ginger Miso soup, but it was underwhelming, I ended up using it as a bringing base instead.

I like the Well Yes! Brand of soup. It’s Campbell’s I think. Their chicken noodle is really good, and the tomato red pepper and tomato basil. I loved the minestrone but haven’t been able to find it recently. I also like Amy’s chunky tomato bisque. My childhood favorite is Campbell’s Vegetable Beef, I still like to have it every once in awhile with a peanut butter sandwich.

My favorite beans are Joan of Arc spicy chili beans, they are red kidney beans in a chili sauce. My favorite to make chili. I guess the brand is regional because they’re not here in Seattle but I order them from Amazon for a reasonable price.

Good to know. When I asked this question in 2011, we didn’t have a TJ’s here. But we do now. :slightly_smiling_face:

Does it have to be canned? Because the Bear Creek dry soups are very good and take up much less room in your pantry.

Yup. Very good soup.

Not at all. And I include frozen soups, too. I’m looking for stuff that’s tasty right off the shelf with only heating and minimal prep required.

I’ve looked at the Bear Creek soups in the store. The big envelopes make huge quantities. Which of the singles do you like?

My go-to of theirs is the cheddar broccoli but, fair warning, I never eat ANYTHING right out of the package, I always have to mess with it. So I get the big envelopes (you don’t have to use them all at once, you can just scoop out what you need and keep storing the rest) and I add stuff–cooked chicken, more broccoli, rice, bacon, cooked onions, whatever strikes my fancy. I like the potato soup too, it’s a great jumping off spot for creating interesting meals with my added ingredients. I also have a weird aversion to “soupy” soups and tend to make them thicker and chunkier–more stew than soup, really. This is why I like the dry soups, they’re more versatile. Plus less packaging.

Aarrrrrrgh. Campbell’s Chunky Grilled Chicken and Sausage Gumbo.

When I was a kid my favourite was Campbell’s Scotch Broth.

Me, too. In fact, I can’t even make a recipe the way it’s written-- that goes for my own recipes, too. :woman_facepalming:t4:

I put canned goods in a free Little Neighborhood Pantry several times a week. I’m assuming the people who take the stuff don’t have well-stocked kitchens. Maybe an erroneous assumption, but a sensible one. I often buy the Campbell’s Chunky soups for the pantry, but I recently tried one of my old faves, Grilled Sirloin Burger, and it was NOT as good as it used to be. I will try the Chicken and Sausage Gumbo.

Wolf Chili is the only chili worth considering, The “ingredients” are what you are always going to get from a can, but the flavor of the broth is damn good, better than most people’s fresh chili.

I was addicted to Dennison’s Chili when I was a kid. I still keep a can or two in the cupboard for an occasional trip down memory lane. For me, the worst on the market is Nalley’s, followed by Hormel.

Dinty Moore Beef Stew is the bomb, but the sodium is so high, I can’t have it that often any moore.

Bluerunner red and white beans, plus gumbo starter.

I’ve never see the Blue Runner brand.

Campbell’s chunky New England clam chowder hits the spot.

That’s my answer as well. I put shredded cheese on top of the red pepper and tomato in lieu of making grilled cheese sandwiches to eat it diner-style.

Hormel Chili is a favorite canned chili of mine. I have tried plenty of others…Hormel is still the bomb.

If you want you can jazz it up with some fresh onion or peppers (green or jalapeno as you like) and some grated cheese or sour cream when serving (or even raw, diced onions).

Easy peasy…good go-to canned food.

Do I like my home-made chili better? Sure! But that takes the better part of a day to cook. Nothing hard about it but not something you whip together when you come home from work.