Chimps and Cooked vs Raw food

Do chimps prefer the taste of cooked food over raw food?

Preferences of other great apes, and even other animals in general, would also be interesting to know.

I actually just heard about this very topic… let me track that down…

Ah, that’s right. It was an interview with Richard Wrangham, who wrote a book on the evolution of cooking in humans. Unfortunately I can’t find the transcript, but I remember that it mentioned an experiment where very simply cooked food was provided for some sort of primates at a reserve. Basically food that was tossed in a fire, versus the same uncooked food. The primates in question showed a marked preference for cooked food when they could find it.

From the Master’s Archives:

“Catching Fire” by Richard Wrangham explores all such questions. Yes, chimps prefer cooked foods. More to the point of the book, they get a lot more calories out of cooked foods than raw and don’t spend hours each day (literally) masticating it. That’s why raw carrots are a good diet snack despite the fact that they are relatively high in calories and glycemic index.