China (and other Asia) Dopers, I need a favor

For reasons too trivial and complicated to explain, I really, really want to hear the music of Cui Jian. I did a Google search, came up with hundreds of sites with articles about how important he is to modern Chinese music, but no samples. I found his home page, which claims to have samples, but I can’t get it to play anything. (Understand that I am technologically inept, which probably explains my above failures, and makes MP3s out of the question.)

So the solution seems to be to buy a CD. China Sprout claims to have them, but are always sold out. No one else seems to have them at all. Can someone over there in east Asia buy me a copy of Rock n Roll on the New Long March, or the Greatest Hits album that I’ve seen mentioned? E-mail me first (it’s in my profile) and we’ll work out a way to repay you.

Thanks in advance!