What rare or out of print music are you in search of?

Personally, I’ve been trying to find a used copy of the “Walker” soundtrack on CD. It features a lot of Joe Strummer tunes that I feel compelled to hear.
Ebay’s an option of course, but I’d rather not pay the 50+ bucks that it’s going for.
And The Boomtown Rats’ “V Deep” CD to a lesser extent. I own it on tape and Vinyl, but the CD goes for even more than the Walker one does (80+ bucks)

So instead I search countless used CD bins [sub] and music swapping sites[/sub], but still no luck.

They’ve become my white whale of sorts.

How about you? What music can’t you find, but would love to get your hands on?

Mine don’t count ‘cause I know full well where to get them online, but I don’t want to pay shipping… Blinker the Star (Canadian artsy-rock band), Dolly Varden (midwestern alt.country group), The Hangdogs (more alt.country), and Hank Williams III either by himself doing traditional honky-tonk (Risin’ Outlaw) or with his hellbilly punk band, Assjack.

Any of Grace Slick’s solo records. All were on CD at one time. Only 1 is still in print.

Jefferson Starship’s Spitfire and Nuclear Furniture records. But I think Spitfire might be out as an import.

John Lennon’s Live Peace in Toronto and Milk And Honey.

#1 is that damn Swedish LP of “Tell Me on a Sunday.” I saw it in a used LP bin once, didn’t buy it (back before my knowledge of CD burners) and have to kick myself everytime the subject comes up. I want that SO BAD! If anyone reading these words has it, please e-mail me. Also the Norweigan 45 of the title song.

I also saw a CD of his brother Julians called “JLW plays Britten Folksongs.” Didn’t have enough money to buy it. Should have used my ATM card or begged!

Also, the issue of Music Teacher that had the first published compositions of a 9 year old ALW, courtesy of his father William. If any copies of this remain in print, they have to be worth a bloody fortune.

And, of course, anything else ALW that I have and you don’t.

Bill Cosby’s 200 M.P.H..

[sub]No, it’s not music. Sue me.[/sub]

Anything else YOU have and I don’t. Freudian slip if ever there was one!

“Opposite Sex” by the Vulgar Boatmen. For some strange reason released only in Europe even though the Boatmen are a USA band. Extensive inquiries to European record stores (Reckless, Popangel, etc.) have come up short. Occasionally you’ll see a copy on e-bay, but it goes for $75.00 minimum. Any suggestions as to where I can find a copy would be much appreciated.

This song

“Oh I’m headin’ for my bedin’
where I’m bedin’ down tonight.
Oh I’m headin’ for me bedin’
where I’ll lay down sleep me tight.”

Don’t even know who sings this.

I’m not actively searching, but I’d like to get “James Bond” by The Toy Dolls and “The 12 Days of Christmas” by (I think) The Yobs (“On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me / A vibrator and a battery…”).

I’ve just ordered “The Ultimate Punk Box Set” which features such classics as The Dickies’ cover of The Banana Splits song and Splodgenessabounds’ “2 Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps Please”. I was happy several years ago to find “Coffee” by 7 Minds (formerly AWOL) on a ska compilation CD.

I suggest e-mailing NYC’s Footlight Records (footlight1@aol.com). Since they specialize in cast CDS, they have the connections to special order most anything from Europe. Good service and reasonable prices too.

Of course, I can’t guarentee anything.

Music I’m looking for? Moistly Canadian from the eighties:

The Payola$ (later known as Rock and Hyde)
Lisa Dalbello (not the recent album)
Nash the Slash

Any of these on CD would do fine…

Willie Colon-Hector Lavoe albums on CD. I even started a GQ thread about it and got zero responses. We need more Puerto Ricans on this board. Or Latin jazz enthusiast.

The piano-vocal score to Leonard Bernstein’s Mass.
Absolutely phenomenal work.
The CD is available, but the score is out of print.

As far as music, I’m trying to find a comedy sketch by “The Frantics” about (IIRC) the ancient Romans changing from Roman numerals to Arabic numerals [akin to “Murricans” changing from Standard Measurements to the Metric System]. Damned funniest thing I’ve heard and cannot find it anywhere.

Kenny Rogers and the First Edition’s Greatest Hits - on the Reprise label with the silver cover.

Diana Ross and the Supremes - Reflections - on Motown (natch).

The soundtrack to The Muppet Movie, it’s currently fetching $50 or so on eBay.

I think that’s it, believe it or not, considering my CD collection.

If anyone out there is a Shriekback fan, I’m the other one.

Back in college I tried to get everything I could by Shriekback and had amassed a pretty good colleection of their singles and such. I was missing their first EP, Tench. I really dig the band and had seen them in concert, where a local band called Skin Sect had opened for them. Shriekback was great at the show, Skin Sect was just god awful.

A few weeks after the show, my friend Stephen and I were in a record store in the French Quarter and I noticed they had a copy of Tench on the wall. I asked the guy how much it was and he said, “Well, I’m not sure I want to sell that. But hey, you like Shriekback, did you see them in concert? My band opened for them!” He was in Skin Sect, and since I was trying to wheedle this EP out of him, I was about to tell him how much I dug Skin Sect.

At that moment, Stephen, across the store yells, “Hey! They have Skin Sect tapes here! Remember them? God, they sucked!”

Needless to say, I still don’t own Tench.

A year later, when I went out of town for school, my folks decided to clean out my room. They called me daily asking whether they should throw away certain things, stuff like old magazines I had and stuff that was obvious junk. I returned a while afterwards to find that one of the few things they didn’t ask about was my records, which they went ahead and gave away to Goodwill. My prize Shriekback collection, now gone.

Since then I haven’t tried to get it back. Most of it’s been re-released on CD in some form or other, and I’ve tried to get all the CDs I can, but I don’t have the time or money (or record player) to do the vinyl thing.

I’d also like The Boomtown Rats’ “In the Long Grass” on CD, but I don’t think it was ever released as such.

Thanks, Annie! I’ve zapped an e-mail to Footlight. I’ll let you know if I have any success.

all of you must look at GEMM.com

I found most of what you listed here sometimes at very good prices, though some are expensive as you already know.

Hey! Nash the Slash! The Michael Jackson of Canada. I shot pictures of him for East Coast Rocker once. The opening act was the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
Ok, Renaldo and the Loaf- “Songs for Swinging Larvae”. The computer at work that lists all current CD’s claims it’s not out of print, but they still can’t get it for me.

I’d also love to get my hands on a CD of this, but alas, it doesn’t exist as far as I know. This album did nothing in sales so the powers that be never thought to re-release it on CD. And while we are talking fictional wish lists, it’d be great to see the first Rats album on CD too.
Oh well. Maybe a box-set some day, eh?

This was another white whale for me until one of my friends finally returned my copy (4 years after borrowing it, unbeknownst to me). If I can be of assistance, lemme know.

And though I didn’t mention it before, if anyone has access to the Walker soundtrack/ Boomtown Rats album, drop me a line, ok?