China not as powerful as you think (YouTube video)

That’s right…China isn’t as powerful as you think. They can’t really compete with the US. And they are still a developing nation and economy. They aren’t any sort of threat to the US or the current world order, they really are quite weak.

This is all coming from a source we can all trust, of course…state run media in China! :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway, it’s the subject of this China Uncensored video I got a kick out of ( It’s part of the unsurprising move being made in China due to the recent level of international alarm that several countries have raised concerning things like the large increase in China’s military spending (both internal and external), in their belt and road initiative wrt strategic positioning as well as debt trap tactics, and of course the big one…the trade war with the US. China (or the CCP at least) has apparently twigged to the fact that their previous tactics were starting to generate alarm bells in other nations, and perhaps it is time to look and act more humble…at least until you are actually in a position to hammer your enemies flat and hear the lamentation of their women and small furry animals ground beneath your jackboots of peace.

Neither is Russia. It has the GDP of Spain. If it weren’t for those nukes, nobody would take them seriously as a world power.