Chinese government executes Brittish man

I assume you all heard about this. This isn’t a Great Debate and it is not intended to bash China(which is why I emphasized “government executes”, not the people). I lived there for 2 years and many people there are against capital punishment. To be fair, many are for it as well.

Anyway, I’m surprised at this move. At the same time, he was carrying as suitcase with 9 pounds of heroin in it. I mean, that’s a bad idea in any country, especially a country with strict capital punishment.

In some ways, it’s only fair. China would have executed their own citizen for smuggling large quantities of drugs, so why should he receive special treatment?

First execution of a Brittish man by China in over 50 years, by the way. I’m a little surprised anyway, as they do value their relationship with England.

Again, let’s not fume and bash, but I am interested in your thoughts on this.

Read about it here

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“Brittish”? Is he from Britt, Iowa, perchance?

It’s only newsworthy because his family claims he was crazy and therefore not accountable for his actions.