Chinese Manufacturers: "Ozone Layer? Whatever! LOL"

To the Chinese manufacturers of foam insulation currently FUCKING UP the Ozone Layer by using the illegal chemical CFC-11, thanks a lot you slimy, cynical, greedy, bottom feeding scumballs.

To the indifferent and most likely corrupt officials that should be enforcing the agreed to ban on CFC-11 but are not doing that at all: eat shit you bloated, parasitic, spunk trumpets.

I know as an American, merely by existing, I make the overall environmental situation worse. And our government is not currently a paragon of environmental decency and virtue right now. However, the ozone hole problem was on its way to being fixed, until these avaricious fleas on the ass of humanity started spewing out this shit into the air.

They should be dragged out into the street and hung by their toenails. But instead, because using this chemical is the cheapest way to go, they will merrily continue to use it, with nary a concern, as long as they stay current with the bribing schedule.

Who cares about ultraviolet radiation when there is Yuan to be made?

Fucking disgusting.

Maybe I will write my powerless senator a letter of futile outrage, so that it can be discarded, unread by some intern.

You say this as if you’re unaware that there’s a long tradition of Chinese businesses cutting any unhealthy corner possible to save a jiao.

A particularly nasty example:

Yep. Biz as usual in China. I’m shocked that you are shocked.

This is a little more than just poisoning some babies milk. It’s the fucking Ozone Layer. You know, that thing that keeps us from getting skin cancer and eye damage, not to mention damage to other forms of life such as crops. But thanks for your useless cynicism. I am not shocked, I am pissed off.


How do you feel about the USA refusing to abide by the Kyoto Protocol?

I feel bad about it and think it is moronic. Why?

Unlike global warming, this problem was on the way to getting fixed. Now it isn’t due to these specific Chinese manufacturers.

Cool, just checking for consistancy.

Let’s not buy from these Chinese companies or the companies they supply.

Trump is unlikely to do anything about this. So the initiative falls to other world leaders.

Abe? Merkel? May? We’re waiting.

Maybe Putin could get involved. He has Trump thoroughly cowed. The US threatened Ecuador with retaliation if they sponsored a toothless baby formula resolution; when Russia stepped in the Trump admin fell swiftly silent.

(The following day Trump expressed outrage at the NYT article. Trump’s demonstrably false response is outlined here.)

So perhaps Putin could exert pressure on the Chinese.

It seems the way they see it is that other countries were able to have their industrial revolutions without pesky environmentalists limiting their growth. Now it’s just their turn. Unfortunately, the world just can’t survive China and India following in our footsteps.

The US and Europe definitely benefited from dumping our garbage into the air, land and water. We gleefully used up resources, getting to where we are. Now we know better, and are rich enough to have money to spend on other options. If we truly want the rest of the world to skip this benefit, we should be willing to put our money where our mouth is. Money and technology is what is needed to skip to this stage. Time for those of us that have made it to help out the up and comers.

And China is one of the biggest sources of oceanic plastic. Cite:

Colour me utterly shocked - shocked, I tell you - that China doesn’t give a fig for the rest of the world.

And by unilaterally pulling out of things like the Paris Accord, the TPP, and other global agreements, all we’re doing is encouraging more countries to operate strictly in their own interests. I’m in absolute agreement that China’s environmental record is atrocious and it constitutes a threat to the planet, but even before the Trump era, as the world’s largest and most powerful country we’ve been in a position to work with China and our international partners on environmental sustainability, and we perpetually face opposition from business groups at home to deliver on our own promises. And now that we’re in the Trump era, we’re abandoning those mechanisms and replacing a world based on cooperation with one based on competition. So, expect more of the same, I guess. Writing to your congressman ain’t gonna do shit.

They don’t even care about their own environment, let alone the rest of the world. How else to explain the deadly smog that plagues Beijing and other cities, the e-waste contamination of Guiyu, and the numerous other ways in which the environment in China is becoming incompatible with longevity and quality of life? The western world, having been industrialized first, learned all those lessons a long time ago. China seems determined to ignore our long decades of experience with environmental degradation and take the exact same miserable path that we did.

Probably will take something like the Yangtze catching fire to get their attention.

You wouldn’t say that if it was *your *baby…

But why pick this? There’s a legion of shitty things China does that affect us all- for example, they emit nearly TWICE the CO2 that the US does in absolute numbers. And I’m a bit more worried about AGW/climate change than the ozone layer overall.

But since China’s population is more than 4 times that of the USA, that means their per-capita CO2 emission is less than 1/2 that of the USA.

YES ! Thank you ! All you hypocrites acting like we weren’t doing the EXACT SAME SHIT a couple generations ago should really shut the fuck up. And/or be part of the solution.
For fuck’s sake, we managed to fuck up the rain. The rain.

Not unknown in China…