Chinese rover soft-lands on the Moon

Story here. I don’t suppose it will discover anything new scientifically, at this date; but I think this is just a stage the Chinese think they need to go through to prepare for a manned landing.

We’re going to go back!

Congratulations to China!

Weellll . . . remember, the reason “we” (humanity) haven’t been back since 1972 is that the Moon, on close inspection, is not much use for anything.

Lots of H3, but the shipping costs are killer.

China Moon!

They may learn some new stuff, the rover has ground penetrating radar and a few other instruments we have never sent there. It’s interesting, the Chinese are really focused on potential resources in their space program, not exlusivly science.

Space, space, gotta go to space…

Has anyone yet suggested that they faked it?

Just think how much garbage we could put there!

Of course this landing is real. Why wouldn’t it be? But they did go back in time and fake the American ones…

I wonder if they’re going to try to knock down the American flag there. Will they try to make it look like an accident? Or will they be all macho about it: “Ha ha ha!! F-u! F-u! And F your flag!!!”?

What if they find no evidence of the US ever being there? Would it be true or just propaganda? Hmmmm

And what use is H3?

Ho-hum, wake me when they do a manned landing.

“All your moonbase are belong to us!”

The surface area of the Moon is larger than the entire surface area of China. I don’t think the Chinese are stupid enough to think their lander discovered the whole surface of the thing.

Is that a real moon lander or just a cheap Chinese knockoff?

Didn’t the blast of the ascent stage of Apollo 11’s Eagle already knock down the flag they left.

helium 3 is rare on Earth, but is useful in nuclear fusion